“I work with people who want to become financially independent, who want to have a different relationship with money and want to understand and learn how this money stuff really works. I especially work with those who so far in their lives have been pretty shit with money and understand things need to change.”

Thirty Day Guide To Financial Freedom – step by step

I owned and managed a financial advice business for over twenty years. I realised that financial advice did not make people wealthy  – the industry really only served itself. 

There is a clear lack of understanding about money and making money work (as evidenced by the lack of millionaires) I decided to do something about it. MoneyTrainers was going to my vehicle to make sure those that want to know, want to understand how money works – get access to what they need to know. 

“If all you needed to do in order to become financially independent was to sit down in front of an adviser for thirty minutes a year and pay them for an hour of time – we’d all be lining up. 

Up and down the high street people would be lining up for their hour of money help and assistance – ‘we’d all be millionaires in a couple of years’  – it’s not true.

 Demand would be so strong we’d need millions of advisers, not just the thirty thousand odd there are now – we’d be camping out, desperate for them to show us the way – realistically – it’s bobbins – they don’t know much more than you, proof – they are still working. 

If advisers had the answers to true financial independence – they’d do it for themselves first.

Fact is, it’s true.  

Advisers don’t make people wealthy, you need more than advice and sadly that’s a truth the industry won’t admit. Knowing how to make sure your second most important resource works is the most important thing you can ever know. ” Richard Smith

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