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“If all you needed to do in order to become financially independent was to sit down in front of an adviser for thirty minutes a year and pay them for an hour of time – we’d all be lining up and down the high street. Demand would be so strong we’d need millions of advisers, not just the thirty thousand odd there are now – we’d be camping out, desperate for them to show us the way – realistically – it’s bobbins – they don’t know much more than you, proof – they are still working. If advisers had the answers to true financial independence – they’d do it for themselves”

Fact is, it’s true, advisers don’t make people wealthy, you need more than advice and sadly that’s a truth the industry won’t admit. Knowing how to make sure your second most important resource works is the most important thing you can know. ” Richard Smith

I’ve been educating consumers in financial matters for the last ten years, prior to that I ran a successful financial advice practice – I realised then that the industry was not acting in the best interests of consumers – so started to educate rather than sell.

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