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Over the last few months I have moved Moneytrainers to a slightly different place. The corporate workshops have been slowed (Covid) which has meant me having to move to an online/smaller groups model. That is not a problem for me and it shouldn’t really be for you. If you’ve found your way here you can obviously use the internet.


I am still doing the money work. Showing you how it works, and how you should be making it work for you. Promoting financial education for all, schools and employer work is continuing and that will not change anytime soon.

  • Avoiding Scams – products and advisers
  • Showing your how to manage debt/become debt free
  • The truth about pensions and investments
  • End of life planning, dealing with elderly parents, planning for them
  • What really works to build Financial Independence (FI)


Without getting all ‘personal development’ on you. I’ve altered my work to talk more about your inner game. Controlling that inner demon of ours – the one that causes depression and inaction. That seems to hold many of us back. Indeed it has me for may years.

  • Managing the voice in your head – yes we all have one
  • Helping us learn and tell better stories
  • Making the most of our inner game – still more important than the outer one


We all have them. Only the difference between you and I – and hugely successful humans in any area of life is this. They make their habits work for them. They identify as successful and therefore they do things that make life easier for them and some – allows them to win more.

These are now my core focus and based on my belief that our modern lives are complicated, that our binary political system is not working like it should, our environment will very soon start working against us. We need change. Not the kind of change that brings greed and fear but…

Why This Is Important

The kind of change that allows us to make the most of what we have, the kind of change that provides freedom and time for us to take on some of the challenges and to make processes work for us. To poke the intelligentsia – those that know best for us. The kind of change that allows us to make our own decisions based on things we know instead of stuff we are told.

Political Change – It’s not possible to focus on our environment, on changing our political systems with the same thinking, the same tools we’ve used in the past.

That has only got us to here and that’s not good enough.

The education system around money and habits is woefully inadequate, the financial services industry, the pensions system, our system of work is all failing us.

There is no need to do it the same as we did in the 1920’s to the 1980’s we now have the internet, we now have access to tools and information that we could only dream about in the past. We really can do things differently and we have find another way – capitalism ain’t going away just yet, and that doesn’t seem to be the answer. The good news is I have some

I don’t have all of the answers yet. But I can definitely help you improve big chunks of your finances and the rest we can work on.

With that in mind.

My ‘old work’ the free training is below. Sure, there is catch. You will need to put your personal details in – that’s more to keep you updated. No charge.


This is a little out of date but still very relevant.

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