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“If all you needed to do in order to become financially independent was to sit down in front of an adviser once a year – you’d never get an appointment with one, they just wouldn’t have time to you see you.”



If the financial advice industry had the answers to true financial independence – they’d do it for themselves first.

Fact is, this is true.  

Advisers don’t make people wealthy. You need more than advice and sadly that’s a truth the industry won’t admit. Knowing how to make sure your second most important resource works is the most important thing you can ever know. ” 

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With Christmas 2020 just around the corner, here is an older post about spending and cashflow. Might be worth a read before you go off on a spend up. Cashflow Article

There are no secrets to making your money work for you, no shortcuts. But there are principles that really do work. These are things we focus on at MoneyTrainers. Tried and tested money principles. Here is a short article about money and freedom

We know this, from small acorns grow tall and spectacular oak trees. But they don’t grow without some help and most certainly rely on a good deal of chance. Or do they. I believe that we can learn all about money by using the lessons from the oak, ok not quite. Money Principles

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