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Your staff want to avoid the scams, want to understand how this money stuff really works, want to know why reducing debt is likely to be far better for them than paying into pensions. Maybe that just want to know why income from investments is always better than capital growth.

Seemingly complex questions with really easy answers. Once of course you know a few money secrets.

Many of your staff will be desperate to get a heads up on their financial situation, be confused about dealing with the death of their parents, or just not sure how to deal with a financial problem that has just reared its ugly head.

If everyone knew what to do in order to improve their financial situation they would do just that. Fact is…

As a species we have not evolved sufficiently to be able to deal with the changes, until 1942 (ish) 90% of all homes were rented very few had pensions and didn’t need to worry about the options – life expectancy was around three or fours after retirement. Don’t even think about investing in the Stock Market – this was not even a thing for most of the population until the late 1980’s when the rules changed. Oh and things like probate were simplified then because people didn’t have any money to buy stuff with. There has been no need for the knowledge, so it hasn’t been learned yet.

Problem is, most financial advisers are not interested in helping solve problems or providing generic information either informally or formally. And even if you wanted to meet someone at the local CAB you could wait weeks.

For your staff that are over 50, things start to become a problem. Firstly they are closer to death and approaching the time in life when parents start to become more infirm, they have to face the problems of care fees, inheritance tax and then the whole death bit. Most of us are clueless about solving any part of this. The Dying to Know workshop clears up most of these issues simply.

Pension have been made complex by retirement options – and most don’t have a clue about what to do next or even any idea of what to plan for. It’s never happened to them before. Then we have changes in legislation, every few months it seems like more pensions legislation arrives to complicate matters – The Pension Workshop covers all of this and more. I also include the important information in relation to scams and the updated views from an experienced industry professional.

I wrote the truth in my book on pensions The Great British Pension Swindle, it’s on FT Adviser and Amazon.

We also have some in-depth Workshops that are available for 2022

  • Debt and Debt Planning
  • Habits and Money
  • Pensions | Lifetime Allowance Changes and Implications
  • Dying to know – end of life planning/probate/tax

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