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In 2024

it’s time to start a different conversation around money.

Your staff are desperate to avoid the money scams and desperately want answers to the money conundrum.

I run two types of workshops.

  1. Get an answer – your people turn up, we cover their top money questions everyone leaves happy.
  2. Get Educated – your people turn up needing some knowledge, me or one of our specialists does the ‘education’ bit.

“There are no secrets to making your money work for you, no shortcuts.

But there are principles that really do work!”

These are things we focus on at Money Trainers.

Do your staff really understand how their pension works?

  • Do they know how the State Pension really works and what their options are?
  • Do your staff really know how to get their money working for them, pay less tax?
  • Do your staff really know how to avoid financial scams?
  • Do they really know about Crypto/High Income Investments and the potential problems?
  • Do your staff really know what happens when a family member dies, or needs to go into a care home?

All of our Money Workshops come with at least an hour of ‘professional advice’ for each member of staff that needs it.
This is not a ‘free meeting’  – it’s a genuinely valuable, personal and professional advice session with a qualified consultant.

All workshops come with follow-up education and support via a branded online portal.

When your staff members have money questions, they can get answers.

Workshop Options.

Scam Awareness – how to protect yourself online, how to avoid dodgy investments, how to make your money safe.

Pension and Investments – the top tips to protect your pensions and make the most of them. Investment Planning – how this works in practice and what can you do the make the most the opportunity over the coming years.

Digital Currencies – what you need to know about these.

Debt and Budgets – How Debt Will Keep You Poor.

  • Pre Retirement Planning – how to get State Pension forecasts, pension statements and what do with them once you have them. Avoiding ‘Pension Scams’.
  • End of life planning, if not for your staff, for their parents. Care fees, estate planning. Dying to know.
  • Important Areas Truths about money – how it really works and how it can work against.
  • What rich people do – and how it works for them.
  • Scams and Dodgy Stuff –  Financial Mistakes and how to avoid – day traders, short term investments, charges, overspending.
  •  Management Options Share Options/Executive Arrangements/ Pre Redundancy

For your business, your staff well-being both at home and work is something that you should be concerned about.

Our workshops are designed to help you with that – helping them to understand the valuable benefits you offer as a employer, to help them understand more about your pensions and benefits you have in place.

This helps with recruitment and retention, plus will also reduce stress levels across the ages.

  • For staff under 40 making them aware of pensions and their options, showing them what they need to do order to maximise their long terms savings, helping with debt and debt management. Mortgage planning and options.
  • For staff over 50, working through their retirement and later stage planning, dealing with the possible need for estate planning and possible planning for elder relatives.
  • For staff over 60 retirement planning and reviews, elder care, perhaps they have parents that are dying or needing nursing home care decisions
  • Dying to know – death and dying, long term care.

These workshops are designed to walk your staff through the entire process of budget planning, making a long plan and help deal with debt. They are supported with a number of branded online resources via an online portal – and we provide lifetime access to the support line and direct access to a Qualified Independent Financial Adviser via Home Counties with at least one hour of advice provided free of charge – please note this is actual advice that is normally chargeable, not a ‘free meeting where no advice is offered’ .

Richard Smith has been featured in the Financial Times and in returns to the Pension Select Committee, and was key to introduction of Clause 125 of the 2020 Pension Bill with recommendations made that have been passed into law. Is a member of the Transparency Task Force, charged with bringing a lot more honesty back into Financial Services. Is a highly qualified independent financial professional and explainer in chief over here at Money Trainers.

Laurence Gould is an Independent Financial Adviser and an Estate Practitioner,  between the two they have over 50 years of financial planning and consultancy expertise

Your staff are desperate for guidance and advice about their financial options – they can get access to independent advice, entry level costs are now more than £1500 plus vat and many don’t need the ‘high level – and complex advice required’ Money Trainers does offer this as part of the package if required.

Our work is designed to simplify the advice process, in a group environment that is both easy and fun, not simple and dumbed down. By running one or more of our Money Trainers Workshops on your premises all of your staff that want to know more about improving their finances in general or need to know more specifically then we have a course and or online material for them or will provided one to one guidance.

These workshops can be very generic or specialised. They can be grouped together, or stand alone. They can be mixed or single ages – as all of our needs change over time and the requirements are likely to be very different. The good thing is for those that don’t want to attend we offer an ‘out of office’ service that is currently telephone based (and online – Covid Friendly – Zoom or Teams).

I guarantee that all staff attending will benefit greatly from one of these unique workshops – which they will find enlightening, further they will all get access to free one to one impartial advice which is worth at least £185 at todays rates.

Importantly they will be able to change their financial lives forever, with the knowledge and skills delivered in all workshops.

Use the form below, get in touch lets see how much we can improve the financial health of your staff and stop them making expensive money mistakes.