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Why You Should Stop Watching The News.

Stop watching the news. Stop letting your kids watch it. There will be no nuclear war, there will be no chemical attack, the world is not ending, nearly everyone with Covid survived it. 

Despite what you were told, there are no nano bots in the vaccines. And they don’t really do what a vaccine should. But hey, we’ve paid Pfizer so might as well have them.

All you are seeing is a transfer of wealth and the control of entire nations. 

The mental health crisis with our 9 – 17 year olds is going to be one that causes us more problems than anything else.

There is no news any more, once Putin shuts up, chapter three will start. This is a control thing it’s all Propaganda, most dangerous time to be alive. It’s not , we are not being bombed but the fuel companies are benefiting from the rises in prices and so is the treasury with extra income from fuel.  It’s all manufactured, all made up.

This is the greatest time be alive I assure you, there is no black death, there is no global war. But the BBC and all politicians want you in your place, want to pretend there is a crisis.

Look after each other, look after other people, be nice. Do the right thing. Ignore what you are being told.

Wake up you soppy buggers, there is a world waiting for you to turn up and take your seat at the table. 

Oh and please make sure your kids know that this is all made up. All done by design.

The whole idea of mindfulness, of meditation, of being more Buddhist is this. You need to watch and listen, not act. Not have an opinion, not judge. That inner voice of yours has not understood all of the facts yet, how could it. The truth may not be out for many years – they will not allow that to be made public until they want. Until then, just watch, it’s possible for you to have an opinion.

As you do this, you will become calmer and more focused on your truth. The inner you, the one that wants to help build relationships with those close to you, friends and family. This is how you build a life.

When you are ready to get some more of this in your life, get in touch. You may even want me to speak at one of your events or have a workshop at your workplace. Then you can book me on this link.