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Why Don’t You Have Any Money ?

Your answer to this question is…

I am useless with money.

I am stupid.

I don’t understand.

I overspend.

I can’t be bothered with it.

I am poor, that’s why.

My response to these answers is always this.

Do you think ‘rich people’ are bright?

Do You think rich people understand money?

Do you think rich people ‘can’t be bothered’?

Do you think people like [insert name of stupidly rich person] was born with money or did that make it, that [name of stupidly rich person] was lucky?

I don’t have a right or wrong answer here, well not for you right now. But I wanted to say this to you.

Think about the last £100 you earned. Working, selling something, however it arrived.

Get a clear view of how you got it, then hold that thought in your head seperately.

Then, think about how you spent that £100. What did you buy, was it on a bill, clothing, food, kids, rent, or bills.

Now, unless you change what you think about your money and unless you start to have a better relationship with it, your money life will not change.

What about if you could take that £100 and only spend £95, do that ten times in the next few months and you’ll have £50 saved. Or at least not spent.

Then if you put that money to work. £50 could become £60 or £100. Now you have started to make your money earn it’s keep. And this is how [insert name of stupidly rich person here] probably did it. By doing the same thing that every other stupidly rich person did it (mainly).

If you treat some of your money like you have just traded part of your life for it (clue you really have it’s called a job) then don’t you think it deserves to be treated a little better, perhaps preserved and sent to work, perhaps even leverage it.

I am sure you do.

Get in touch when you want to get a shimmy on with this money stuff. I know I can help you, I’ve been doing it with my clients for over thirty years. None of it’s complicated, but what I do works.

Coaching, consultancy, guidance and advice – about your money. Make it, preserve it, leverage it.

Get in touch using this form. Let me know how it’s going for you. Or if you are ready you can ‘book a borrow my brain’. Even that comes with a money back guarantee.