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What is going to happen when China wins?

China does have ideas for global domination and the impact for the West, for Europe and the USA will be profound.

It’s approach to making things, to acquiring wealth through investing and buying up western assets and hoarding a massive (physical) gold pile is solid evidence that it is serious in it’s intent.

Where the western economies are ruining their currencies with quantitative easing and stupidly low interest rates, creating inflationary bubbles around property prices, and supporting these with tax breaks. It can only end in disaster for many.

The Chinese approach is one of building up their economy, having their currency supported with real assets and real growth.

Just look at the post Covid levels of borrowing here in the west.

The future is being borrowed from at an enormous rate with the means be repay being reduced with our aging population.

Western Governments are hoping inflation will mean that the true cost of this borrowing will be masked.

And, so far this seems to be working.

Western politics is dominated by sleaze and ineffectiveness with everyone fighting for their own agenda with little regard for the true purpose of a Government, which is to fill holes in the road and run schools etc.

In the UK there are many column inches handed to very minor things in order to prevent the really important matters being discussed or even thought about, which leaves the media companies complicit in the lack of action.

Our children are being sold into an increasingly ineffective education system that leaves them with crushing debt before they even start work, rentiers are treated better than those investing in our future and the politicians fiddle with minor parts of tax policy instead of bringing the substantial change that is required.

Everything from pension policy to rearranging the situation for small business is either ignored or discussed with an overwhelming level of stupidity.

Everything has a focus on balancing up, of making things equal, of treating everyone fairly and those are worthy ideals.

But, it does mean that everything is caught up in web of ineffectiveness, the things that really bring change, the things that really matter are lost or ignored in a sea of meetings and regulation that just don’t deal with the issues.

The numerous campaigns that talk about levelling things up ignore the fact that our male dominated society still does not treat half of the population fairly. Those who are of a different ethnic mix or are different anyway will really have a long time to wait before it all becomes equal – ask any woman.

Little Is Working

Financial fraud is spiraling out of control. Little is done to enforce the laws that are in place.

Government and law enforcement sit on their hands like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’.

Healthcare, the NHS.

The design of this massively expensive system is not for 2021.

Originally designed for a far smaller population it is now (like education) pseudo privatised and does not work anywhere near its capability. It was never designed to cope with a wholly free at the point of use system – and for all, and for all eventualities. And it’s not really free at the point of use. Try getting an appointment when you want – instead of one that fits in around the consultants private practice.

Now bloated with managers and under resourced in attitude, it would rather wait for a whining politician to explain again that it needs more money or the unions to complain that staff are not being treated properly instead of looking at its own workload and asking how to make it better? How to make it more efficient, how to really deliver a service on the budget it has?

In England there are 1.2m staff working in/for the NHS. The population is 56m. Assuming that 10% of the population is unwell at any one time, that means there are roughly 1 member of staff for 5.6 patients. There isn’t a business on the planet that would survive on those ratios. Even really complicated businesses would not survive on those numbers. Only a state industry would think that system was effective/efficient.

Yet still, all it ever tells you is how it can’t cope.

The solutions to these conundrums need to be found.

Very soon China is going to be the economic powerhouse of the world. It will take all of the ideas, will buy up all of the resources and we’ll be left with Boris and Keir still talking about net zero and same sex toilets.

It depends on who is woke enough to be elected – it’s been like that but with different faces since forever.

We have a unique situation in the world, with one economic powerhouse that has intentions to own it all. One that is being supported by Western Governments, if not implicitly then most certainly with their actions (or inaction’s) and a whole load of problems being built up in relation to….

Crime and fraud
Freedom of speech

All of these are solvable.

We live in one of the greatest times to be alive, indeed I think for all of us with a little practical application we can solve all of these things, there will never be equality, because our lives are not equal.

There will never be the panacea but we can get some focus back, we can start to build a future that works for us and the planet – but it can’t be done with the thinking that got us to here.

Meanwhile, the elephant in the room continues to grow, continues to build its strength and very soon won’t fit inside the house anymore.

We do have choices, there are ways to solve these problems but we can’t do it by focusing on minor things or in the way it’s been for the last two hundred years.

Just look at how far it has got us.

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