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Want To Feel Better? Do This.

I woke up this morning and was in a particularly good mood the sun was not shining and hey I get to live another Day on this planet.

Nothing was really bothering me.

Nothing unusual in any that. Most days i wake and there is little bothering me.

I did have a bit of a nag something that I hadn’t done, something I had forgotten. He just felt like something was missing that my life was not complete.

I’m sure you wake up some mornings with the same feeling, just that something isn’t quite right and we can’t put a finger on it. It may well be that you have had that feeling for several weeks or maybe even longer.

We both know that life is short. We also know that we can’t do everything. There will always be something that is not quite completed or not quite perfect.

That as they say is life.

So here is my recommendation. Take a few minutes out of your day. Mull over what it is you think that is missing, write a few notes in your journal, as my nan would say gather your thoughts.

Once you’ve written a few notes doesn’t need to be many, couple of hundred words maximum put your journal away and let all of that knowledge settle. Allow your subconscious mind to work on that over the next couple of days. And then come back to it and see what you can find, what it is you have written.

After you have given it some thought you will feel differently about what you’ve written and it may well provide you with some ideas, or some pointers as to what you should be doing in the future. There are no right answers, there is no right thing to note in your journal, there is no precise action that you should be taking.

All I’m asking you to do is to write down what was on your mind then to see if it gives you any pointers.

You never know what will come up.

Sometimes it will be profound another times it will be meaningless. But the habit of writing things down will encourage you to gather your thoughts on a regular basis somewhere in those thoughts you will find pointers, ideas that will move you forward.

The more you do that the less chance you have of becoming stuck. As I have said before the secrets to life and the universe were all hidden by god inside of our own minds. Unless you write down what is on your mind you will never know what your secrets are.

And your secrets are important not to me that’s my certainly to you.

When you are ready to get a shimmy on with some of this this remember you can always have a session with me, it’s called a borrow my brain session where I help you with all of this.