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Perhaps The Most Important Financial Information You’ve Ever Had.

Remember. This training comes with one hour of one to one guidance and support – plus unlimited Money Coaching and follow up via email.

These short audios form the basis for a life of financial independence, they draw on my personal thirty year career in financial services – they will inform and annoy but if you take action on them, they will change your life and your finances for ever.

If you have been on one of the MoneyTrainers – Financial Education Workshops then this material will top up things for you, if you missed the workshop – then come along to the next one at your place or place of work or book me for the one to one hour.

This financial education is ‘nutshelled’ for you, this means you get the maximum benefit in a very short time. I also include an hour of one to one time with this training, this helps you get the most out of it on line, and we can then work through what action you need to take when we speak.

I don’t hold back and sometimes swear – you have been warned. Parental Guidance and all that.

FIRE – Financial Independence – Retire Early

TIME – Freedom

Business  – Your Own?




Three Month Year

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