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Time Management and Money

We are given a fixed number of hours. These can’t be extended and we don’t know when they will come to an abrupt end.

With money. There is only a finite amount of time for you to work and earn it. To trade your time for money.

There could be a million reasons you have to stop. Illness. physical or mental may prevent you from continuing, and then…

That’s it.

Whatever you have in your ‘rainy day pot’ is what you have to rely on for the rest of your days. Expenses will continue, bills will come at you forever. There is no free lunch.

The ‘cost of living crisis’ or as I prefer to call it inflation. Is going to be around for a long while. Some of these costs will be increasing at stupid rates.

Second hand cars and houses are rising at twenty percent a year. Which is  mad.

Your money is trying to keep up with that.

And it won’t.

But that does not mean we can’t try.

Once you accept, that you have a finite amount of time and you can only ever trade a finite amount of time for money you should start to look for leverage.

You should work on making your money work for you rather than you working for it.

Having done that, having created systems that work for you rather than other way around.  It is quite simple to repeat and start to grow a working pot.

Something that does for you rather than you doing for it.  Your financial situation will improve.

That, eventually will improve your time situation. The less time spent working, the more time you have for yourself. Time freedom.

Get the plan right and in the coming months and years you will find that less time is devoted to earning which means you can spend that time on other things.

Call that early retirement or financial independence.

It is the same thing.

For every other time suck or loss you may have, learn to say no.

Learn to ignore those time vampires that insist on taking from you and note they can’t ever add back.

There is no such thing as a time saver, the clock is ticking whatever you are doing.

But you can take control of it.

Be aware of the fact that life is short. You will need leverage and the quickest win is making your money work for you while you do other things.

This is what MoneyTrainers is all about.

When you are ready get in touch. We are currently arranging money workshops for October/November of the year. Contact Richard