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Think Lucky, Plan Lucky, Be Lucky.

You and I often wake up with a feeling of desperation, thinking that nothing is going to go our way today – that voice in your head nagging and poking at you like it’s a sharp stick or a heated scaffold pole – telling you how bad it all is and how rubbish it’s going to be.

The truth is, that’s not the truth. Your luck or lack of it is about perceptions – and they are often wrong. Just because a bad day has appeared does mean it is really a bad day, it’s a bad moment, a bad few hours. And, like the sands of time, or the seconds on a watch they soon pass – provided you let them.

Holding on to that moment, those thoughts that distract you from the real purpose – that negative and nasty inner voice. You stop yourself from taking the action. From doing the thing, that thing that will make the difference, that will make it all better. The new client, the thing you were working toward before it all started to go sour – all of that is still there, only you can’t see it at the moment.

This is the key. You have to understand that nothing is permanent, nothing stays the same nothing – not anything – nothing lasts forever, nothing is perfect and nothing is permanent. Neither are you and I. We are always in a state of flux, always moving of movement – and at all times we are moving toward death – our cells are dying, as we speak changes are occurring inside of us, really unstoppable changes – that really is permanent. As Monty Python quoted in The Life of Brian – death is the final word.

So when the bad news hits. It really is our next move that makes the difference – the action we take next that determines the final outcome. Our response to the bad news is what really allows us to plough through it, to overcome it, to kill it off.

Professor Wiseman wrote a book about luck a while back, if you’ve not read it please do so, it’s a great read. I

Which is where my ‘think lucky, planning lucky be lucky’ saying comes into play, it’s the gist of Professor Wiseman’s book. It tells us this.

Thinking lucky means we have moved our perspective, instead of crumbling and accepting everything as it is we have to think that, this is not permanent, the setback is not forever, it will change because everything does. Thinking lucky is about keeping that positivity, knowing that your actions now your actions in the future will determine the final outcome. To channel the line in the Marigold Hotel (paraphrasing now) “if it has not turned out well in the end, then it is not the end”.

Planning lucky means taking the fact that it’s not the end to be just that. To make your next move given the circumstances. It does not mean you plough on regardless – to continue to play the game with a broken leg. It means you revise, adapt and change the rules to suit the new circumstances, it means taking a different route, it means doing something differently, or at least the same thing again with a different person in a different time. It means, you having a plan, a revised one – of knowing that eventually, everything changes all of the time.

So go on, think lucky, plan lucky, be lucky. You’ll be surprised to find out what actually changes.

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