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There was no other way of dealing with the problem.

Of course there was, there always is.

But, that is not the answer. Simply because most solutions don’t come quickly. That voice in your head, doesn’t always come up with the right solution. This means that quick, gut feel, what seems right is often the bit that makes sense.

So this is what you should do.

As the problem occurs. Find an immediate solution. Then use it. Solve the problem.

Move on from it.

If it gets messy, if the solution fails find another.

Do it, solve the problem in any way you can and move on.

Why this works.

Often there is more than one solution, more than one answer. By stopping to mull over the options, to work out what to do next you are wasting time, losing time. And this is the problem. That time could be spent moving on towards the next thing.

This is the answer to all great thinkers, all great ‘get things done people’.

There is no such thing as perfect, no one solution to the problem you face. So making a quick decision is obviously going to be right more often than not.

To be alive is to face problems. So, the quicker they are solved the sooner we can move to living the life we want, doing the things we want.

When you are ready to get a shimmy on with some of this. Get in touch. You know it makes sense.