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Podcast There is always the need to take more action – Repost

We wait, we look at the options. We mull over what we should do next.
We worry about getting things just right before we can move forward.
When we think it’s perfect, when we think it will be received well by the market place, then
we execute.

You know what’s coming next.

The fear of being seen as stupid, the fear of failing the market place means that we don’t ever act.
We never you never truly test the market with your ideas, with the value that you add to everything.
Those that need you, that need your services never ever see what it is you do, never get to use or to try
what it is you offer.

Simply because of your failure to actually execute. To actually put that idea out there, to actually start to
bring your ‘greatness’ to the market. You stop, you worry. You don’t actually do the things you should be
doing to bring it all to fruition.

And then the idea goes off the boil. That voice in your head stops you, holds you back.
No matter how it could have been, no matter how good it actually was – nothing actually happens.
You hold yourself back.

Part of this is…

Fear. Not knowing what may happen. Fear of it failing. Fear of you being a laughing stock in front of family
in front of friends.

The other part of it is…

The story. The one we tell ourselves, we are not worthy, we are useless. The inner voice that insists
well never amount to anything, we’ll always be a loser. We never have ideas.

These two things stop you in your tracks. Really prevent you from making something that the world needs, from
making something that will solve problems.

Neither of them are real, neither of them make any sense.

You and I know that our ideas may or may not work. The market decides if they are valuable when it decides to buy.
Others decide on the value of your offer based on merit. You, and that inner voice of yours decides that market has
already decided. That it won’t be well received, that you won’t be a success.

That nothing you say or do will have an impact or change the lives of others – you decide based on nothing. On something that has been decided in your own head. Because of something you were told many years that may or may not be true.

Don’t let it.

This is really important.

You will be told, there is bad news. Nothing is working, nothing is right. Everything is a disaster.

You flick on the news, open social media. It’s all negative.
Nothing is working.
Nothing makes sense.
There is injustice everywhere.
Everybody is dangerous.
Nothing is safe.
Your feeds are full of….
Sob stories.
Mental health problems.

And, some of these may be true.
Some of these could be really right.

Fact is, for you. You can’t change a single one of them. With any of them, you can have an opinion but can do little if anything
to change that situation today. Actually, each one of these things reminds you of what is really happening.

It’s a hard life, things are difficult, nothing is working. Everything is broken.

So take a deep breath and ask yourself.

Is that true?

Is everything broken?
Or are there just a few things that are no longer working.

As I suspected. Once you really test this. The reality is somewhat different.

Where we are now in 2022 has to be the greatest time to be alive, we have access to great healthcare and health information.
We have the ability to travel. To learn about things online, to work for and with whoever we want. To be all we want to be.

You can find out about and buy everything you need from your own home. Have it delivered. Often very quickly.

Just think about all of that for the moment. 100 years ago, people were dying of the Flu. with no access to hospitals with
doctors highly skilled as they are now. We can drive our cars to wherever we want – for the price of fuel.

Everything is truly amazing. Sure some things need changing. If I was you I would start with not watching the news, not buying newspapers,
get rid of some negative friends and start to focus on what’s really important. Getting your story, your ideas and your products out into the
market place.

Until next time.