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The Need For Space – In Your Head And Your Life.


Not only for stuff.

But for your head.

Turn off the noise.

Turn off the friends.

Turn off the opinions.

You already know enough.

But you are not listening. The record in your head, that long playing LP has worn a groove, it glitches like the matrix as it moves over a worn spot. But the same record has been playing for long enough.

On and on it’s gone. Year after year. Telling you, you should do more. You should spend more time with your kids, your wife, you should pat your dog more often. 

Fifty thousands thoughts every frigging day, round and round.

When you wake up in the morning it starts again.

The same record.

Only it does not get boring. Because your mind is designed like that.

Every day another should’ve. 

Every day another must.

Every day you can’t be bothered because you are stuck with the same record. The same voice, the one you’ve had since you were seven. Sure it skipped a few beats when you fell in love, when your parents became ill, when a really good friend shafts you because… 

And apart from the odd occasion, the odd result your life goes on the same. 

Sure, you may have the house, that car, the clothes. But still the record plays on.

Never do you hit the pinnacle of [insert here what that is for you] always missing it, for [insert reason here] and still the record plays. The same today as it was yesterday. 

The happiness you promised, the warm glow. The highly personal and close relationships seem to avoid you – the one or two are not enough. 

So let me tell you why. 

Your dreams will never arrive.

You will never find the happiness,

Never pat the dog in the way that you should.

That record in your head,

That voice you have. 

It’s not you.

But it does drive you. It constantly reminds you of how your ideas won’t work.

It tells you that you are not worthy. That you don’t deserve.

That you are not liked. That they are talking behind your back.

And you can’t shut that up until you sit with yourself and listen. Until you come up with another plan, some more ideas. And you can’t do that until you have done the quiet thing.

Until you have listened to the record. Until you’ve heard what it is really saying. And then set about proving it wrong. Every day. 

When you are busy busy, running from point a – b. You don’t have time to think. Time to enjoy, time to pat the dog. Everything you see and hear and read, including this. Has appeared from someone else’s musings, someone else’s thoughts. 

Everything you see and touch, what you drive and use. Has all arrived from someone else who learned this skill, who used this tool. 

Sit still and..,

Pause, mediate, thenwrite, repeat. 

This is how you change your life.

This is how you change your finances.

This is how you build tomorrow.

Do this every day, and by chance, as if by magic you will change everything.

If you want a better future, and one that suits you. You’ll need to start last month, perhaps even last year. And as that has gone you have now.

Now is the second best time to start. Today, you can get on with it– that breath of air can blow the past away and you can now start to write a new future, the new past. This is the best time to do that. Start immediately.

Create the space you need for a fresh start, a fresh look at the immediate future and change everything.

The project you wanted to start, the skill you wanted to learn – you can do some research today, enquire about a course, buy a book. Watch a video.

Everything you want can be yours if you start now, with nothing holding you back. 

Meditate, pause, write it down, take action. Simple steps that change everything for you. 

Sure it’s gonna be rough to start, limbs and head are going to ache -as they do when trying to run a marathon. 

But as you move forward, it all becomes a little easier.

As you pick up the skills you need  and the muscle memory becomes better and better you’ll soon start to fly.

But you do have to start.

Now would be a good time to do that. Now would be a good time to start.

Q. What are you waiting for? 

Ready to get a shimmy on with this. then get in touch.

You do a borrow my brain or if you need some longer term help with solving money/life/small business problems. It starts with this.

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