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That Voice In Your Head – Money and Me.

I am more than a little obsessed with my inner voice. Not sure when I was first aware of it or when I ever started to think that I could not control it. Realistically I would have been in my mid-thirties, perhaps when my son was born – life-changing event for me and his mother.  

I had always thought that personal development, growing inside was something that others faffed around with – not for me, far to namby. Far too woo-woo. Like most things in life, there was a  trigger, when something changed, a new way of looking at everything. 

In my forties I wondered about the power of the mind, how could old ladies lift cars to release trapped children – feats of strength that were very unusual and of course beyond knowledge. How could hip operations be done without any form of pain relief on a wide-awake patient, and then Alma Kante, who in 2014 sang through surgery. There is something else going on here.  

I then started to read and make up my own mind about stuff, who was that voice in my head, how can I hear it,  why can’t I taste my own tongue, why do I hear that voice, why is it very softly spoken when it’s being positive and screaming when negative.  This caused me to dig a bit deeper into the madness.  

Now. I am not a scientist, just interested in what makes me tick. I arrived at a conclusion that my voice was very similar to the voice in my kids, my wife and friends. Actually everyone I met had this inner thing.  

Those that respond to the voice end up depressed, as serial killers, perhaps uber-successful or just plain boring. Yet there are those that were boring murderers, but learned how to manage it – change their responses to it – that is what interests me more than anything.  

I had arrived at the conclusion that my voice is there to protect me, to keep me alive. It’s childish, and often wrong. But it seems to serve some purpose.  

Let me tell you what I now know about it.  

It’s not me, it’s not even part of me. See, your tongue is the centre of your world up until you are able to interpret the world using other tools. That’s why children put everything in their mouths – it’s why we developed taste that means water is always neutral to our palate – we can immediately tell if something is wrong with water. It’s why you gag when you smell rotten meat, sick or sewage.  It’s why poisons often taste bitter and nasty to us, and why Chilli seeds taste hot to us and not to birds – the Chilli has developed seeds that will be carried by birds – a lot further than they would by humans.   

Now, there is a reason you can’t taste your own tongue, it’s neutral to you. But you can hear that inner voice, as though it’s something separate to you – something that’s there but not you. My thinking is – if it was you- you wouldn’t be able to hear it.  Which means it’s not you and you can happily treat it as third party.  

It is probably there to guide and assist, to provide some pointers, some things to be aware of, something that needs to be done. But that’s about it. Letting it make decisions, to stop you from doing stuff, to hold you back.  

It’s not you, it doesn’t fully understand and should be ignored much of the time.  

It’s the one thing that most of the people I’ve worked with over the years don’t get, don’t understand. They think becoming financially free is something for others, something that most will never achieve, they think that it’s complicated, that it’s just not possible.  

Evidence is that all over the world we see millionaires and billionaires arriving all of the time – that’s the truth, not the voice in your head. 

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