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Talk Nicely To Yourself.

One of the many things us humans are pretty bad at is our own self talk, our inner dialogue, that voice you always have. Yup, you are not mad or alone we all have one – me too.

I’m not sure what happens to our inner voice before we can talk, if there is no understanding of language – there can be no inner voice. In fact babies find there way around by tasting things, that is why everything goes in their mouth first. Importantly…

Without an inner voice a child cannot possibly have any negative influence. There is nothing inside to tell it how crap it is at everything, how it always gets things wrong, how it always messes up.

It’s probably the reason babies and small children don’t get depressed and will more often than not smile back at an adult instead of a grumpy frown (maybe this is just my observation).

If there is no negative voice on the inside, there is little to be depressed about – events on the outside are just events. Even the biggest natural disasters bring renewal eventually. Viewing these events with a negative slant seems harsh on that basis. Sure, it’s sad that something has gone, but something will replace it – and that will be good.

You and I have to remember that we look at most things from a historic perspective. Take for example the fire at Notre Dam. It’s been a wonderful palace of God for many hundreds of years – at some point there was no Notre-Dame- what did people look up to before?

Now it’s gone, we are looking at the future with positivity, with a view that something will arrive in its place. Something we can admire and swoon over.

We could also view the situation with negativity, in that a thing has been taken away from us – we have been robbed. We are left bereft of…

Even a death in your family, of a loved partner or parent. Of course we should mourn, of course we should be upset or annoyed that they have emigrated to a different place – yet they leave us with happy times as memories, they leave us with skills and education that we can use and teach our children – sure it is a negative that they are no longer around – but a massive positive in the things they leave us with.

Of course that voice in my head never allows me to see it like, never allows me the chance to take a positive stance – all it wants to do is beat me over the head, to berate and be nasty. Just like any other dickhead.

I’ve noticed a couple of things about my inner DH. If you have a plan, a system for making money, for managing your money properly. There is a good chance that your plan is working for you, meaning you will have more of your money kicking around, money you can invest and make work for you.

The more money you have invested proves that your plan is working is working. You keep working your plan, you keep doing rather than listening and eventually you end up financially independent.

There is no quick fix, no magic money tree – just a plan – then work it. If you rely on principles (tried and tested) as against tactics – new stuff that is not proven, make a plan, work it and stick to the rules, it will happen for you. You will have everything you want.

If there is one way to shut up the DH, its proving you aren’t after all.

Ready to bury the DH once and for all, get in touch today I’ll do my best to show you. Meanwhile, go read this again. Listen to that voice in your head, it might sound like you but it’s not. Becoming financially independent is a process, a very clear one. Based on a handful of simple things (doesn’t mean they are easy) and they start by shutting up your inner dickhead.

I promise.

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