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Saving Money Made Easy

Often we sit back and ask where is the money I’ve earned? Has it really slipped through my fingers and disappeared into the ether?

Of course it will if you don’t manage it. Which is why saving cash is so important. The only sure way to really know that you’ll have money in the future is to make sure you save some. Problem is saving money is a bit boring, just a little bit pants.

So here is an easy hack, a tool to help you with that.

Today I want you to no spend £1 – either purchase a reduced price similar item or don’t buy it at all.

Tommorow  do the same for £2 and then the day after for £3, carry on all week. Once you get upto £7, start again on the £1.

The idea is to make this a habit and to do it consistently.

Save the money in a jar or use a micropayment app to move the cash.