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Richard Smith’s MoneyTrainers- MoneyMinute #14

Hi, no money stuff today, but it’s just as important. Here we go.

Over time, with me focusing on the bigger and smaller issues I managed to work out a couple of things.

  1. Understanding that we choose to accept or not accept things into our lives.
  2. We can all do anything we want. You may never be the best footballer in the world but you can still play football.
  3. Mindset is 95% of what we need. With the right mindset you can change everything.
  4. Learned skills, money, marketing and mindset are vitally important.

If we have enough money we change our lives. If we learn and use enough of our skills – we can earn unlimited amounts of money. If we ignore our inner dickhead – and focus on our true selves then we get anything we want or desire.

There is nothing new in this. Since we learned how to speak and communicate with each other these things have been known.

Our minds keep us living on autopilot. By design we only turn up to about half of our life. The rest of the time we are driven by semi automatic but simple programmes that running inside our minds all of the time.

You and I can’t even turn up to our lives until we can learn to spot these programmes and work around them. Many of these we can’t do without. For example, try crossing the road whilst thinking about it! Try running your own immune system – imagine your body was a complex machine (which it is) and all day it has to make decisions about firing off some hormones for there, dealing with that dodgy bacteria here or there.

If you had to stop and think about making that kind of decision – there’d be stalemate. Bodies stuck on cars up and down the country. Bacteria erupting all over the place. Your excuse would be ‘well I was thinking about that’.

Wrong answer – these programmes are needed.

Where we don’t want these is when we are trying to move forward, break a habit, learn a new skill, understand money. Quite simply these automated systems of ours get in the way. Stop us from doing the next thing you have to do.

This is where your own mind matters.

Ever wondered about that voice in your head and why you can hear it? You can because it’s not you. You can hear it, so it can’t be you.

Yet you still listen as though it’s you. This is the part of the mind that we all have. It is designed to keep you safe. Only it holds you back. Prevents you from learning, explains how stupid you are. Why you’ll never get that job, learn that skill. And then we fucking listen to it. As though it was right, as though it knows what the deal it. That it understands.

And it doesn’t. This thing is known as our ‘conceptual self’ {mine is known as Hounslow after fter a dick head teacher I had once).

You and I can only deal with this inner thing if we first accept that it exists – bit weird that – but lets run with it for a moment. Now we know it exists we can plan around it. We can turn up to the present moment – where it doesn’t exist. We can meditate it away – note that is meditate and not medicate – both do similar things.

Whilst we are present we can make plans, decide on a course of action without any unwanted involvement. You can call this goal setting, planning or whatever you want. Over at moneytrainers I call this living a life my terms.

Living in this moment means we can understand what is needed, make arrangements to do or to plan. You can’t do that looking backwards, mulling over the whatif’s that only causes depression. Also, you can do it in the future. Because that doesn’t exist yet – it hasn’t happened.

This means that now is where it is. Now is where the magic happens. Now is where you and I are.

There is just a grammar term you can never get to it. You are always here, just start to live life like you are.

Ready to get a shimmy on with some of these. I can come to your place of work and talk to you about all of this, teach you what is needed.

Until next time.