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Richard Smith’s MoneyTrainers- MoneyMinute #13

There is no point in continuing.
There is no point in waiting.

If the plan you have in place…
Can’t be tested.
Can’t be adapted.
Can’t be altered to suit.

Then there is a good chance the plan is wrong. Flawed in some way.

You can apply these rules to everything in your life.

Everything is a plan.

Going to the office in the morning.
Going to pub on Friday.
Holiday. Buying a home, car, new phone.
Making your money work.

Think about that for a moment.
Everything is about the process.
The system you use in order to get from here to there.
To make something from nothing.
To improve or remake.
To start or stop.

Everything is a process. And a plan is just a process that you follow.
Plans and processes go hand in hand.

We know what works. What makes the difference. What solves the problem you have right now.

Going to the office for the day.
Get up.
Get dressed.
Get breakfast.
Get to the bus/drive your car/walk to the station.
Navigate your way from home to there.

Do your days work in a planned way.

Then reverse the plan, head home.

Yet when we think about planning in order to achieve something like – financial independence.
We think it’s long, it won’t work.

Yet the evidence around us confirms that we are wrong.

There is no quick fix, there is nothing that will you a millionaire overnight. Well, there is a lottery win. But that’s about it. About six million or so to 1 chance that ‘it will be you’.

Bubble burst – that is not how 99.9999% of independently wealthy people did it.
What they used was a process, they had a plan.

They simply worked the plan. The same plan that I can give via Moneytrainers. The same plan that is written down in hundreds of books.

The same plan involves learning some skills, making sense of the world around us. Making some decisions and then using that information to move forward. To take action.

Looking around us the business world is unsettled. Markets are up and down. Income is uncertain. No one knows what will happen to interest rates. No one knows when this ends, who will be in charge of politics in the coming years.

When the houses will be built, when social justice will work properly.

All of these things have always been like that. Nothing is seems has changed.

But with a plan. With some working processes. Everything could change.

You can change the life of a food bank user by donating 10% of your shop this week.

You can change the life of twelve year old girls up and down the country by dropping off sanitary products to you
local school.

You can change politics by getting involved locally.
You can change your life by making your money work harder for you.

All of this starts to change for you. For everyone when you start working on the processes and systems you use everyday.

That skill you have, could be adapted to bring in some side hustle income to fund the 10% on your shopping. Perhaps, add some value to the local food bank by lobbying your MP or managing their social feeds for them.

Perhaps if your investments were producing more income you could work less, spend time with your partner and children. Working
on those favoured projects that really need you.

You don’t even need to give away your additional income from your skills, you don’t need support others locally. You can choose to do whatever you want with your money and your time.

But having it, making it work for you means you have a choice.
This stuff is not complicated, but there is an industry out there that wants to make you feel you are…

not worthy
too stupid to learn

And I am here to tell that none of that is true. None of that is me being honest with you. You are more powerful than you think, you can get the change that is needed and make that work for you and others around. Making your money work.

Using the systems and processes that are already in place, that already work is where it starts.

By making some slight changes to your route now, means you will end up in a totally different place at some point in the future. Sure you will be older, but also considerably better off no matter how you decided to spend the dividend from the systems you use.

Ready to get a shimmy on with some of these. I can come to your place of work and talk to you about all of this, teach you what is needed.

Until next time.