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Richard Smith’s MoneyTrainers -Money Minute #7

That voice in your head, the one that drives your wants, the things you must have. Are the same ones driving Putin. He wants more, wants more power more control.

Same with Johnson and every other politician – they want more for themselves.

This desire has driven humans since before the Roman empire.

That voice in your head, the one that tells that you don’t have enough that should have more, that you want to own the new widget will always leave you unsatisfied, unhappy, wanting. That wanting has led us to here, the systems of more of wanting keep you stuck simply wanting more.

All it causes is war and upset, as evidenced by all of human history. Wanna solve it, stop wanting. Accept that have enough, are enough. And spread that amongst your friends and family. Start a movement. Accept that you are enough and you have enough. I promise it will change your life.

Ready to get some help with some of this headgame stuff and your money. I run workshops in schools and offices and I also do one to one. Contact me to talk about the options.