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Richard Smith’s MoneyTrainers Money Minute #4

Can you get your own mind working for you?

What happens at the end of every week, once  you’ve had  Sunday lunch and  put the kids to bed, ironed your shirts?

This is one thing you should do.

Before you sit down to watch some Sunday TV you need to do your homework.

Sit down with your journal, or notepad.  Then review what’s happened in the last week.  See how  that fitted in with your long-term goals and the things you wanted to achieve.

And then work out what you need to do this week to continue that process in the right direction. To continue working forward towards whatever it is you’re working towards.

It takes about 10 minutes.

In  that 10-minutes you can reflect and consider what it is you need to do,  to make more of your money, to make more of your life.

This is a simple process that I have used for a long while. Even if you don’t remember to carry out all the actions your subconscious will work for you. As if by magic.

Go do your homework.

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