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Richard Smith’s – MoneyTrainers Money Minute #3

Do you know how to change, do you know what happens if you don’t change ?

Consider this.

Let us both assume that for the next 5 years we will live in the same way as we have for the last 10.

What do you think your future will look like? What do you think will change?

We are all guilty of having repeating patterns in our lives, actions that we do over and over again. And, whilst we are aware of them in a limited way, we never stop to think that …

If we carry on as we are, where are we likely to be in the coming months or years.

You will be older, that is a given and there is nothing you can do about that. You are likely to be less healthy than you are today  and you are likely to have less money.

Being aware of and making plans around your cash and your investments. And checking your lifestyle is  important.

Most people don’t do it, most people are poor.

Ask yourself this question.

If you don’t change, if you don’t start doing things  in another way y based on the information that you already know.  Then what will your future life look like?

This is a great exercise to start the day and one you should ask yourself every Sunday when you do your homework.

You do, do your homework don’t you?Ready to get a shimmy on with some of this?

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