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Richard Smith’s Money Trainers Money Minute #2

Can You Make Money Trading Shares?

Few people make money by investing in stocks and shares.  Indeed most people lose money via online trading.

You could choose to trade anything.

But without the knowledge of that market place, and knowledge of  the products you will never make money.

Sure you will be a trader but you will not be a successful one. You will not make a profit.

It makes perfect sense that if you don’t understand how a market works how can you expect to make money from it.  To turn a profit?

The stock market is no different.

The people that make money from the investment markets or from the stock markets. Are those that make an investment decision and leave the money invested. Few traders make it.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adjust your plans.  Or alter course as your life changes but it does mean that you shouldn’t be a trader you should be an investor.

An investor makes a decision for the long term based on known information. That information is widely available and accessible to you. It’s called the Internet.

There are as many views as there are stocks to invest in.

That is how you make money from the stock market, by investing not by trading.

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