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Richard Smith’s Money Trainers Money Minute #1

One thing that many people miss in relation to their personal finances  is consistency of actions.

The consistency of making sure you never spend more money than you need to spend. Knowing that  once you’ve spent it it never comes back to you.

This points back to us as humans not being mindful. 

We walk around like  zombies not paying attention to where we are, who we are with and what we are spending our money on.

We stand in front of something in the supermarket and decide to put  it in a basket. We scan it at the checkout without thinking about it.

Learning how to be more mindful about  our spending is a start. A start to making more of our money, making our money work for us.

If we can hang on to a little bit more, by spending less then our finances will start to improve.

It’s that easy.

When you are ready to get a shimmy on with your own personal or company finances, then get in touch.

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