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Richard Smith’s Money Minute – ten of them!

The world is bad right, wars, illness. Governments it’s all bad.
But because I’m a an aware human – I have already lived for quite a while.
And, what we’re going through now, on all levels (, industrially, personally, financially, politically), is close to frightening in the way it copies the seventies, eighties and beyond, as experienced by me.

Pay attention to history and you’ll note the decades before were similar.
You think it’s all fresh, out of control now and it’s not.

But you are finding out, getting the memo that has been around for eons.
The shit flows around us all the time, it always has.

Most of it flows underground, unseen, taken away by the bin men. The slaughter house is closed off so you can’t hear the screams. Ukraine is just far enough way, same as Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen.

The movie “Metropolis” (1927) nailed it — the top of the city was all, clean and solid… While deep underground, armies of exhausted workers slaved away to keep the gears turning and the illusion in place.

Go watch it.

There is always our desire to keep our noses to the wheel, to get along. But in my day we had Poll Tax Riots, the Falklands, AIDs, drug addiction. Blair Peach murder.

Now you have environmental crises, more war – all perpetuated by an elected house. To keep you here in your place. Watching and hoping they will save you – they won’t. They never have.
We are encouraged to keep our heads down and your nose to the wheel, and go along to get along.

Today our kids roll their eyes, like we did.

But in my day, a working class kid with short hair and DM’s the police were always there, hassling and poking. For the odd black kid in the group they were always targeted. No one listened then either.

Strangers used to look and stare – must be trouble he’s wearing DM’s, wears his hair funny. Looks different – listens to the wrong music.

We were the mis-fits, those who were not worthy, sneered at by the homeowners, the middle classes. They hated us, hated our music, more than anything they hated our youth.
Truth is we are all mis-fits. Hippies, luvvies, race baiters, arseholes. They are still here vying for position.

TV was limited, many didn’t own one. The BBC was impartial. It told the news, not opinions.
We also had the political scandals, yup the Conservative and Labour were as bad then. An endless list of Gammon feeding at the trough.

And we struggled to stop anything disgusting. We had Rolfe and Saville on our TV’s most weekends – plenty knew what they were all about.
They tried then to deny as they try and deny now.

The lessons we need to learn, over and over, are that moving too far away from our essential nature can bring on delusions (like having tidy little wars with no consequences, or erecting walls to further segregate the elites from the rabble).

And what walls they can’t create with concrete they do with propaganda or money. Look at the Nimby’s who all own houses – who want the green belt protected – fact is their same people campaigned for the same reasons. Keep the walls up, keep them out.

I’m not surprised at all to learn that Millennials never read newspapers, don’t watch nightly newscasts, and don’t buy TVs (preferring to stream media through devices) and neither do I any more – it’s all propaganda.

The young are not rebelling against society’s restrictions, so much as reinventing how society actually works on some levels.

For those of you that are still idealists – good luck with that because I was once. I thought I could change things, be a force for good – well once I stopped being angry with the world.
So I became a practical optimist, a realist. I learned how to change myself instead of trying to change the world – if more of us did that then the world would change. Hardest thing in the world, taking responsibility for your own actions!

And the new generation – should be showing the reckless cockiness we had, but instead seem to be waiting for others to show them the way – hoping politics will solve it. It won’t and never has – they only solve the problems created by them.

The world has been in chaos all of my life. It always will be.
The game is also rigged as you’ll find when you start to play it.

It is not going to change because the skills required in all systems of this world don’t include empathy, critical thinking, or basic fucking logic. All the critical thinkers, all those that got it right we called out as mad, Pasteur, Edison – ‘all of their tits on something’, according the papers at the time.

Key here, if you are waiting until the moment is right, until things settle down before you take the action needed, before moving toward your next thing… then you will be waiting, you’re going to wait forever.

What went around then is now back. Like some kind of un virtuous circle.
Examine your beliefs. Look for cracks in your logic, question yourself at least as often as you question others, and strive to break free of propaganda and delusion. That heaven you are waiting to enter ain’t real, it never was. But hoping that’s going to be good means you waste energy hoping, when it could be spent here. Where life really is going on.

Just remember, this it is not part of your default human equipment to be able to do this easily — you need to learn the tactics, be free thinking, these involve constant change, which terrifies your inner child.

It’s lonely, hard work to think clearly, but you need to set up your own Bullshit Detector, and get rid of all non-productive, knee-jerk behaviour.

Once you start, it becomes easier, most people are looking for somewhere to plug into, walking around holding an umbilical cord, waiting to connect to something. Some people won’t be waking up.

Self education is a path that will work for you. Stop soaking up the crap you are being fed, nothing has changed for thousands of years, it’s always been us and them. The youth have always been hated, the elderly have always had it better. They sneer at the young and the young sneer back.

Levelling up is going to be hard, making things equal is going to be even harder. But it has to be done, at some point the lack of equality snaps and everything will need to be reset. For me it can’t happen fast enough.

Ready to get your head working like this – get in touch.