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Richard Smith – Moneytrainers- Small Busines Advice

Everyone That Provides Business Advice Is Like A Crack Addict.

Most internet marketers are like heroin addicts.

Both of these are all trying to sell you something and trying to get their next fix. They don’t care about you, they only care about the next hit.

Most salespeople are the same.

I have a background (like thirty years) in financial services. It’s heavily regulated, so making bold claims about ‘making millions over night’ and other outlandish comments are effectively banned. For that reason you won’t ever here me say ‘I can get you the top spot on Google’ (I can’t) or ‘social media is where it’s at for business marketing’ (it’s not). But you will hear me say that increasing turnover by 5% by making small changes is possible. You will hear me saying, increasing prices by 1% is worthwhile. You will also hear me say that ‘budget payments and direct debit’ will change the game for your cash flow.

A 6% increase in profits will do what for your business? Having payment systems in place for larger work or scheduled repairs and sales means never having to chase money.

I dunno about you. But knowing your invoices are paid before the job is due, knowing that increases in sales happen automatically beats running ads in the local paper. Making sure your customers come back 10% more means 10% more business that you have not had to work hard for.

Looking at your business from a financial perspective makes sense. Looking your business from a ‘how can I create systems to get customers coming back for more’ makes even more sense. Spending £250 a month in order to build relationships with your customers and being able to offer them deals and offers – at the same time extending that out to some new customers via the same systems is the way to grow a business. If you can grow a business like this it is consistent. It’s like investing in something that pays dividends time and time again. It is one of a good financial advisers most closely guarded secrets. Investing for income.

Do The Numbers. £100 invested now, for income will mean an expected return of 3%. At the end of year one you have £103. and £114 at the end of four years. Do the same but at 5% additional income means £122. Doing the same in your business means you could be getting 3% increases per month, perhaps 5% A MONTH.

Look I’m a grizzled old fart. I have more years behind me than in front. I’ve looked at these numbers for years and I can assure you they accurate. Even Einstein was amazed by the whole compound interest stuff.

So, when the crack heads and addicted get in touch and offer you a top spot on Google or some fandangled widget that will change your life, now you know that 3% is probably all you need and you can do with the assets you already have – the real value of your business, the real time saver in your life is getting your customers/ your website visitors coming back for more.

Now, one of the things I dislike about being a ”financial expert” is that the average student of business development is more interested in band-aid fixes and “cool tricks” than they are in building a healthy sustainable business. They’re almost like the man who thinks the drama and turmoil of an alcoholic family offers more fun than a sane healthy normal family.

(Yes, there ARE people who prefer ‘drama queen’ over sanity. The badass biker boyfriend vs. the one who finishes uni.)

A business that steadily grows 3% or 5% – perhaps efven 15% every year provides you far more satisfaction and less frustration than one that’s up 40%, down 60%, up 70% and down again. And this is how the Google algorithm and social media profiles work – you play a game of whack a mole, constantly hoping you can beat the bastards. The alternative is making contact with your favourite customers and making an offer to them..

Every 100 metre race you run should support the marathon. Every “HACK” you employ should serve your long-term strategy.

You should never be dividing your precious time and finite energy into a thousand tiny pieces and chasing things that will never work long term. A small gain now, a small increase in price today, an adjustment here or there is all you need.

It starts with a consult with me. A no obligation chat with a grizzled old fart. Who really doesn’t have all the time in the world but who has a life and business experience that will transform yours. Choice is yours, my contact details are below.

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