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Plant An Acorn

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A head game article.

Taking a moment out of life to do something that could mean a lot.

It’s late September 2020 and the acorns are starting to fall.

It’s likely that the same tree has dropped similar acorns for the last hundred years or more – possibly longer.

It’s hard to think, that the oak in your local part, the one you look every time you walk there, has been through several world wars, many changes of Government and much disturbance.

But. Year after year it’s done it’s thing.

If has continued to shed hope every year, continued to do it’s best to ensure a future of trees, of it’s trees.

Every year it does its very own version of genetic engineering and it keeps it’s tree fingers crossed that at least one of its acorns will be mature to be as big as it. Trees are so concerned about their offspring, they manage to move their own roots to make room for saplings.

The oak, looks at life over many decades.

it doesn’t expect to be the winner of the tallest tree for at least thirty or forty years. It views life over the coming century – and not this week or month.

For us humans we don’t see life over such long periods. But that doesn’t mean we can’t partake in some of the things the oak enjoys.

And we can help the oak, we can hope to revisit it, we can hope to sit under it’s shade on a warm summers day, we can hope to marvel at it’s bare branches on a cold and frosty morning.

We can try and understand that the oak is a feat of god made engineering – and how it supports life. How it manages to build it’s own eco system for years from now, long after our children are dead it will continue.

Being positive about the future is helpful to make us feel better today. With politics being ultra divisive and Covid forcing us into retreat and this October is an ideal time to rethink and take some time to consider the longer term.

Take some time out now to collect some acorns, to plant them in a spot that makes sense.

Somewhere you can revisit, and sit with your own thoughts and reminisce about now – about today but in ten or twenty years time.

You probably won’t remember who the local MP is, or the headline in the Daily Mail or the bloke at work who turned out to be complete arse.

Taking a Long Term View
You will remember the day you planted a tree, you’ll remember where it was. If you’re lucky it will grow to be a magnificent oak that will provide shade and shelter for many years to come, that will be the reminder that life goes on without us, and the only way of securing something for the future that will be there for us and others is to make it so.

We all need to be mindful about our words, they are remembered.

But not to the same extent as our actions, and importantly for you – taking an interest in the future means you are concerned about life, about leaving a legacy, about bringing change. As evidenced by you planting an acorn.

I hate the word hope – but having a little hope for our futures now is important, so use this weekend to find and bury some acorns. Mark the spot in your journal, go back to it and remember why you did it.

Hold some focus on that.

Congratulations, you have just made something that may well last forever….

…but if it doesn’t – you have tried. Eventually, if you try enough you breakthrough and if we get enough of them our world changes.

** Note : God = nature is my god.

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