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Nothing to buy – just brilliant advice

Probably for the first time in your life there is nothing to buy on this page. This advice is from me to you, it’s the three things I’d wished someone would have sat me down to read – thirty years ago.

We are all looking for something, financial independence, happiness, peace. Some find it and others spend their life looking for it. I want to give you some answers to a couple of these things, some of which have been hard lessons over the years and one is something I have gleaned, by observation.

Peace – we are lucky here in the west. We don’t have barbaric dictators bombing our streets and killing our families. No matter how bad you think it is for us, no matter how bad the commute was this morning, no matter how much we complain about our lives. We are not living in Aleppo and all the misery that is brought to bear there.

Sadly we can’t change many of the bad things going on in the world, not on our own. Plenty of people have tried and not managed to get that far forward, no matter what peace movement has sprung up there is still much misery in the world. Sure it’s sad I know. Of course we have a human obligation to change things for the better – and that takes effort, you and I can only make that effort if we feel good about ourselves first – put your oxygen mask on before helping others and all that.

But we can change things here, in our own front gardens. We can reach out to those around us. Offer a helping hand to those we can see, reach out to, a kind word or a five minute conversation with a stranger, doing someone’s shopping for them, helping them in small, easy ways. These things are obviously possible.

One small thing at a time, spread some joy and do it from a place of gratitude. Go help a stranger. Be thankful you are not living in Aleppo, be grateful that you and I don’t live under some horrid oppressive regime that wants us dead.  Take a minute to think about that and then go and do something helpful for others. You and I can’t change the world but we can change our approach to it one little thing at a time.


Nothing from the outside of your head can make you happy in any sustainable way. Being happy is a decision. You decide to be happy. Read that again.

Everything else may give you a boost, lift your spirits. But it is always temporary.  It never lasts, tickets for the new show, new shoes or a suit. A mini break to some far flung European city with your bestie. All will lift you, provide some temporary boost of hormones – to push the feeling of well being – happiness.

But it will never last, like the alcoholic who needs a drink just to feel normal and two to bring them up a level; it wears off.

Make a decision, a decision to be happy. To really feel like you are in a place that you deserve to be, if you’re not then recognise that now and start to change it. Feeling happy is a choice that you make, it’s created internally, inside your own mind. Decide now (exercise below) and follow that up by doing something that raises up your spirits, eat some really nice food, a walk in the park, be interested in the trees, the sky,  a simple meditation.

Listen to your thoughts. If that voice is negative or not helping you. (I have one, the same as yours and it’s a negative S.O.B), question it, ask yourself if the thoughts are really true? If they’re not then you have an immediate reason to be happier. If they are, then you know what things you have to deal with today.

Like you, I used to think that voice in my head was really me. Since then I’ve learned that – if it was me, my voice I wouldn’t be able to hear it. Imaging trying to taste your own tongue, you can’t because it’s part of you. The reason you can hear that voice is because it’s not you –  and you don’t have to listen to it.

Try this. Stop what you are doing.  In your head count backwards from 5 to 1.  As you get to one, put a massive smile on your face, take three really deep breaths in, that force your stomach out and breathe out slowly and fully.

Now take some action to support the new happier you. Make that call you’ve been avoiding, phone that new client, spend five minutes working on your CV, email it out to some recruitment firms. Whatever you do, take some action for you, feel happy about it.

I’m not going to explain how this works – not enough room on the page. Just note that it does.

Financial Independence

If all you had to do in order to become financially independent, was sit down in front of an Independent Financial Adviser for an hour; we’d all do that and there would be line of people outside offices up and down the country.

I’ve been on a journey for close on thirty years and since my own plans went spectacularly wrong in 2010 –  despite me having over twenty years experience as very senion financial specialist. I started to look at what went wrong and how the modern world of financial planning was working for all of us and it’s clearly not working that well as I’ve found out in an eight year journey.

See most of us blunder through life and hope it’ll be alright in the end. Of course no formal plan means that we’d be unlikely to end up free, independently wealthy.  More importantly the financial services people we come across are unlikely to deliver. Fact.

In 2018 and on-wards things have to be done differently, information that was once privy to few is now available to all of us and that’s really helpful. Because once we know a little about what is really going on, how money really works it brings us change. We do things differently.

One Thing.  As you know all advisers recommend you invest in pensions – sure that makes sense for them with charges and commissions being racked up from now until you’re half dead. Fact is, your life can’t wait until you are in your fifties, sixties or seventies until you have enough to finally step of the gas. If you really want to be a rich pensioner, just pre zimmer, go, accept the advice and be lucky.

It will never happen, the game is against you. You’ll never become truly wealthy through pensions.

Here is one rich trick, something that all really wealthy people do, it’s a habit that the truly ‘worked for wealthy’ and they all  have in common, ready? I warn you, it’s boring, it’s got no bells and whistles on it and most people you know don’t do it – and their net wealth is …

Spend less than you earn, don’t spend money on stuff. Defer your purchases to see if you really need it and then invest the money you’ve saved.

That’s part one, part two is coming.

You then need to invest the money you’ve saved in something that will provide you with an income, a flow of cash.

Just look around at the stuff you have traded your life for (worked) and it ends up in the bin, money spent never ever comes back to you – it’s gone forever. Your money needs to work for you, once it’s working and you are enjoying free money; free money is the income you get from wise investments you can spend this on whatever you want.

My name is Richard, I now dedicate my working life to educating people like you about money, what really works and how you become truly independent.

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Love, light and peace.


February 14th 2018

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