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My Thirty Years In Financial Services

Thirty Years In Financial Services  – Here Are Thirty Things I Have Learned

Richard Smith is the explainer in chief over at in this short article he talks about what he has learned and now this can impact your own financial future

Start Making Your Money Work For You
Pay Yourself First
Start Slush/Rainy Day/Spending Pots Of Money
Spend Mindfully
Don’t Buy Stuff
If It Goes Down In Value – Lease It (Cars and Vans)
If It  Goes Up In Value Borrow Against It
Make Sure You Know What The Charges Are
Invest In Tracker Funds
Invest In Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
If Using An Adviser – Ask For Evidence
Pensions Should Be A Last Resort As A Investment Wrapper
Trying To Beat The Market Is Futile
Invest For Income
Invest With Low Charges
Invest in Peer to Peer schemes (Funding Circle etc)
Never Invest For Tax Reasons
Use Tax Free Allowances
Make Sure You Use Capital Gains Tax Allowance
Set Up Your Own Business
Learn How To Trade Your Skills
Invest In Your Education
Learn How To Leverage Everything
Watch What Everyone Else Is Doing And The Do The Opposite
Avoid Investing In Areas Of Government Support/Legislation
Understand How Markets Work
Use The Online Platforms
If It Seems Too Good To Be True – It Probably Is
The Bloke Down The Pub Is An Idiot
You Know What You Need To Do In Order To Stay Healthy