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My Company Pension

Your company pension scheme could be working well for you


It could be struggling to provide what you expect as many are.

Pension Review

It is likely that a review of your pension has never been done and nor do you know what the value of the pension is, what funds you are invested in nor how good or bad the investment returns have been. Importantly you probably don’t know how to find these things out.

If you are member of a company scheme – often called…

  • Defined Benefit – where your pension is ‘defined by the benefit’ a guaranteed pension – then this won’t apply.
  • Defined Contribution – where you pension is defined by how much you pay in, how much your employer pays in and the value at your chosen retirement date.
  • Group Personal Pension/Personal Pension – usually the same as ‘defined contribution’
  • Auto Enrolment – the same as defined contribution with slightly lower charges

Perhaps you would like to know what all of this means to you.

Would like someone to explain to you what it all means and what your options are, you have questions!

I can help you with that below.

You will probably want to know who I am. I am a qualified personal finance professional who has been featured by the FT on pension matters and the man who authored The Great British Pension Swindle which went on to influence Government in the recent Pensions Act (Clause 125 of this is based on my recommendations).

Especially if you are not quite ready to retire I can offer you a confidential review of your options, importantly I can give you some immediate pointers as to understanding more about your pension options via a personal one to one consultation where I will explain your options in detail and provide you with the guidance you need to move forward through the pension minefield.

This is not a free service – but a genuine offer of help to get your pension working for you. Like and MOT on your car, or Health Checkup. This is one for your pension.

I assure you, once you understand your pension – the knowledge will be life changing.

I can offer you a one off consultation at a fixed cost – no surprises and no limit on how long it takes.

Meanwhile, your pension charges and the investment returns will have the biggest impact on your final pension which is why a charges review is the starting point.

So I have done two things.

One. Created a “Pension Review Letter” for you to send to your Pension Scheme and asking for the important information in a format that we can both understand. No ‘pension speak’ just information about YOUR pension in a way we can use.

The Fill In The Blanks Pension Review Letter (Google doc)

Once you have that information, you can then use the Pension Charges Calculator to work out exactly what charges are deducted from your pension fund and determine the impact to your overall wealth.

Two offer your my Pension Charges Calculator (Google Sheet) once you have the information from your provider(s) this simple calculator will be the starting point for knowing what your pension costs are. Note that charges are deducted from your pension fund not paid by your employer. They are also deducted from all contributions, all of the time.

If you want to arrange a one to one meeting at home or work to discuss this, then you can so using the form below. I can also do this online via Zoom/Teams/Skype if you wish. Use the form below to contact me. Remember every day that goes on without your knowing this information means another day you will be closer to retirement and less time to take action.

If you don’t review your pension, then few others will. So start on this today and get in touch if you are stuck