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MoneyTrainers – Member

Welcome to the member-only section where I share the information you’ll need to survive the 2020’s and beyond.

The contents on these pages will give you many of the tools needed to start making you more knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of money and mindset.

By living life on your terms, by choosing how you feel and how to act at any given moment is a superpower.

This all starts with the money stuff. Once you start to use the tools in this programme everything will change. My hope is you will take some of the stuff, learn how to become financially independent and share that with others. This is the way you change your life and then we help others change.

Money, mindest, and mastery. Just three things we need to get change in our lives and the lives of others.

You will feel more in control, you will know what to do with your money. You will understand how your mind really works and start to take control of that.

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What are the steps needed in order to improve our financial lives?

We live during one of the greatest times to be alive,  where ANYONE can self-educate and become skilled in many things within a year.

Information isn’t the problem. That is everywhere, the key is…

Implementation. Getting shizzle done is one part of the solution – the other is taking personal responsibility. Accept that we can change things for the better, we don’t have to accept what has happened in the past.

Our brains are overloaded, bombarded with distractions. Our brains are designed to notice which is why social media is such a distraction and why we have difficulty learning at various points in our life.

My focus with these pages is to give you the tools and expertise you need to thrive in our modern world of money, as you move towards FI – Financial Independence. And do this sooner than you think

  • Reduce debt.
  • Learn tradable skills.
  • Learn about money

That lump of grey matter, your neck top computer just needs to be adjusted. Drop in some new systems then make it work for you is the start. The rest is mechanical, structural stuff. Making your money work for you.

In this series of sessions just follow the steps. Watch out for the emails which detail the live sessions (Zoom and Facebook) and look out for the podcast and supporting information. If you ever get stuck or just want some hands-on help. Please contact me using the link below.

Support Page If you are stuck at any time, please use that page to make contact. No longer than 24 hours usually.

Financial Education and Training

Quick Start Audio A series of short audio messages outlining what the steps are.

Debt – how debt works, why you should avoid it.

Rainy Day – Slush – Long Term – Three Pots of Money

So You Don’t Have Any Money Now – Your Own Business – Making Money On Your Terms For You


Why Invest In The Stock Market? 

Should You Repay Debt Or Invest? 

Low investment charges.

Asset Allocation.

Choice of Providers

Buy The Haystack Never The Needle

Choice of Funds

Investment Plan – Buy on the dips!