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Dying to Know: The Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning and End-of-Life Preparation

Planning for the inevitable can be difficult – but not planning can lead to financial and emotional turmoil for your loved ones.

With Dying to Know, you can get complete peace of mind by knowing what plans you need to make and then have the peace of mind that you’ve made the necessary preparations so your family can honour your final wishes.

But it’s more than that. Many of us need to plan for being half dead, what about carers and care fees, what are the interactions with personal finances and planning, how does the system work. All of these things are covered so you can prepare properly.

Created by Richard Smith and Money Trainers resident estate planning expert with over 30 years of financial experience, Dying to Know covers everything you need to get your affairs in order, including:

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  • Planning for the last years, covering pre and post Zimmer lives.
  • Strategies to minimise inheritance taxes so more wealth transfers to heirs.
  • Dealing with power of attorney and healthcare and advance directions in case of loss of capacity
  • Helping to sooth Long-term care planning including funding options like insurance.
  • Solving probate problems in advance.
  • Protecting yourself from financial scams targeting seniors
  • Funeral and burial issues so your wishes are followed
  • Probate and avoiding the expensive legal costs after death
  • Care Fees planning – avoiding the scams.

The course is delivered through online audio and video lessons you can access anytime, lifetime updates as regulations change, and live workshops for interactive Q&A, it also comes with full support so you can ask questions and get guidance and help where required. We also provide a ‘closed Facebook page’ where you get the answers to you question.

You get lifetime access with no surprises. If at any stage you are not happy or can’t get answers to your questions then let us know and we’ll refund the cost of the product in it’s entirety.

You can keep the manual – value £85

Keep the guidance and advice or the answers to you questions – value £xxxx.xx

No questions, not happy then a full refund is yours.

Dying to Know provides total peace of mind knowing you’ve prepared your family for the future. They can honor your legacy and avoid difficult financial and legal issues.

Why choose Dying to Know?

  • £125 one-time fee, no ongoing costs or obligations
  • 100% money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied
  • Lifetime access to online portal with updates
  • Live workshops and direct access to the me and the team
  • Plain English approach, no complex legal or financial jargon
  • Compliments legal counsel, financial advisers and other planning.

Dying to Know – Online Access is available now.

Don’t leave your family in limbo. Join us at Dying to Know today and check end-of-life planning off your to-do list for good. Space in the live workshops is limited, probably the best financial and estate planning information you will ever have.

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