… People like you who tend to avoid any form of financial education because…

… You think it’s all too complicated – you’ll never get it, never understand it, never make it work. When the truth about that is – with some simple knowledge and a little learning you can get good at money, can become as independent as you want to be. All you need to do is decide.

… You are happy that doing the same thing that most people do with money means you end up with a  pension that pays out when you are three-quarters dead, meanwhile, you’ve worked your arse off for forty years in the hope that it will make sense, you will live long enough to do all of the pre-Zimmer stuff you want to do. Yeah, that’s how bad your plan probably is and that’s how most of the people on the planet do it. You’ll spot the ones that don’t and they are all richer than god.

… You are embarrassed about how crappy they are with their second most powerful resource (time is the first) how much you actually fritter away and waste.

…  You don’t want to be made to feel stupid, to be patronised. To feel like you are back at school again, with that bullying teacher  – who always targets you, is always there when you fuck things up, when you mess up so bad you want the ground to just open up and swallow you whole.

… You are not interested in making decisions about investing, other people do that, it’s not something you really want to do – after all the markets are boring and full of scammers who just want to rip you off.

… You do want your money to be fun, to change things for you and possibly for others you know and love, you want to know the truth about it, what really works, what really makes the difference.

… You want to feel in control, in charge, on top of – to be able to manage money or ignore it, I like the term Schroedinger’s Money – bothered by it not bothered by it. Knowing it’s there and working but not having to work on it or at like some maniacal Scrooge type character.

… You could be up to your neck in debt, in a crappy job with no cash reserves wondering how the fuck things are going to change, cue here – nothing changes until you do, until you learn how money actually works and how to make the most of yours, how to make it, how to invest it and how to hold on to it.

“I work with people who want to become financially independent, who want to have a different relationship with money and want to understand and learn how this money stuff really works. I especially work with those who so far in their lives have been pretty shit with money and understand things need to change.”

When you’re ready to start on improving your financial lot, when you want to get your head straight around finances, when you realise that what you’ve been told, work hard, keep your nose clean and you’ll be alright – is actually bollocks. Get in touch, I’ll give you my best shot for free – once that’s working for you. We can work on the rest. 

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