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Money, life – change it.

You don’t have to live like it, indeed life really isn’t like that anymore. Jobs for life have sadly gone, the security of jobs has long gone and if you are waiting for Government to change things for you – let me ask, how is that working out so far for you? 

My idea behind this is to show you how you can get your personal finances in order in a really short period of time – like 90 days.  I not trying to be all ‘salesy’ when I say that, to show and explain that if you follow some simple steps, the principles as I call them, free up some of that ‘negative mindset’ and you can move your financial life forward  –  take a little action and then things will start to change for you.  

One of the big lessons I’ve learned is this – spend a pound today and it never comes back to you. It is lost forever, gone and never to be seen by you again. It’s off building the capitalist system and will work for someone else in the future.  This is money that you’ll probably have traded part of your life for (worked for it) and it’s something you should understand before we move on, once spent money never comes back, its value is transferred. 

As soon as you start to consider your money as a valuable resource that should spend all of its time working for you instead of you working for it – then everything starts to change.  

I hear all the time people moaning that they don’t understand it, just can’t work it out, how confusing money really is. In part this is what the ‘money industry’ has done to you, the banks and advisers are all tied up in this money business – as soon as you the consumer starts to understand that there is a different way, a clearer way of really understanding this whole money thing – without the advisers and banks getting involved – their business is over and you and I are in control.  How will that be? Thanks for reading – that’s my goal. 

We trade our time (our most important resource) for money, that we then either squander it or pass it on to specialist adviser or organisation and hope they will be able to manage it better than us. Well that is mad and the evidence is overwhelming that they don’t, every business whether they are a bank of finance specialist are there for one reason – to make profits offering services – profits from your money. With that in mind, here is the question that I ask all of the time. 

“If the financial advice industry had the answers to solving the long term problem of making money work them – you’d never get in to see one, you would be lining up for months waiting for an appointment – they don’t have the answers all they have is hope, that is what they are selling. If advisers could make money work properly, they’d do it for themselves first and retire at 35 – instead, they are all still working.” It’s the same reason truly wealthy people ignore things like pensions, why the likes of Warren Buffet doesn’t rely on advice in order to make his money work for him.  He just learns what he needs to know – then does it.

When you start to see your money as a valuable resource that just needs to be working for you instead of working for someone else everything changes. The little things, the cost of a coffee, for example, could be as high as forty minutes of work if you are working for minimum wage.  

That money will never come back to work for you again and you will never, ever get the time back that is now gone forever.