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May 2019 Podcast

Lots in here. If you ever wanted an investment plan, something to focus on. Something that works, then it’s in here.

Investment secrets

Recording this on Tax Freedom day which is when we officially start working for ourselves having paid our income tax for the year. This year is the latest day it’s ever been which means we are now at the highest level of personal taxation, ever. Which is why the information I share over here at is so important.

Don’t expect Government to start making changes that will be in your favour just yet.

Business works based on income. You wouldn’t set up a business if the sole intention was the hope of selling it at some stage in future for a handsome profit.

Iturr has to be all about the income, that’s how we all pay bills and live – based on income.

Investments that are sold to you or advised for you to have  are nearly always based on growth and not income – income is out of vogue, sees like it is old fashioned  – but it is an investment secret of the uber rich.

Growth is not guaranteed

Can be taken away at any time

Riviera – soap on Sky Atlantic

    Uber wealthy

    Lives based on income

Buy to let – dead now – but based on income.

Income is a ‘wealthy strategy’ – becoming rich over a life time is about investing for income.

Bonds – Income ETF – High and Low risk Company bonds.

Investing for growth is  a ‘betting mentality’ hoping for great rewards if the bet comes off, reality is they big winning bets are rare.

True wealth is not about working for money it’s about working for money once and then letting that money work for you.

How does this work in practice.

Applying the above strategy to pensions and other investments is easy.

Same with ISA’s.

Tax free allowances are to often ignored – like capital allowances

ISA allowances are important

Pensions less so for the following reasons.

  1. Charges
  2. Adviser involvement
  3. Changing legislation
  4. Limited investment opportunity

We are now in a golden age of investment and personal choice.

Not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Buy my book – The Great British Pension Swindle it’s got a full five stars on Amazon.