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Manage Your Innner Voice

Headspace  – Resources

I hope some of these help you. There is nothing prescriptive, nothing is the right thing to do. But all of these things help me – and I ain’t no guru – just interested in all of this. 

Like learning to ride a bike, we all need to learn how our minds work, to train it and to work with it. Remember, it spends most of it’s time in darkness – it can’t see and most of the time it’s wrong. 

If it was right – we’d all be living on a yacht in Miami  – drinking Pina Coladas. 

We’re not and it’s not. 

Not listening to it is the way forward. 

Don’t let others define you, take control, but be Bhuddist about it. That means, slow and thoughtful, accepting of everything that happens, it’s all for a reason – the only thing you can control is your response and you can choose not to respond, not to have an opinion. Not to be distracted by stuff. 

Instead of getting involved in arguments, choose not have an opinion, choose not to have a view. 

Most of the time that should be to thank God (whatever your God is – mine is nature) for sending it to you and then work out what to do with it. Most of the events in your life should be ignored. 

Start being amazed instead of irritated.

Start being miffed, rather than pissed off.

Change your language, take control. 

Meditation is something we all find hard. We are all lost in our own minds, we are all mindless – that is why we have the problems we have. Meditation teaches you how to control that ‘inner arse’ of ours. To be mindful

I have linked some content below, some of it is mine. Treat it as a ‘Micro Learning’, put your headphones on, listen/read for twenty minutes a day. That’s all it needs. 

Choose differently. 

How others control your life.

It’s about business, but it’s relevant for everything.

Me on ‘waking meditation’

Books to Read 

Charles Duhigg | If you control your habits you’ll control everything.

James Clear – Habits

Journal – if you don’t write things down you’ll never know what’s on your mind.

 The most successful people I know use one these every morning. Be fluid with it. Just write what’s on your mind. . 

Write something daily, clear your mind. Dump the head trash. If something is bugging you write it down, that should quieten that voice in your head – it thinks you are going to do something about it. Now it’s written down it doesn’t need to remind you or nag you.

Set some plans for the coming quarter, write these in the journal. Things you need/want to achieve. The first few hours of every day( or at least an hour) should be working for you and on you promise you’ll thank me for that – but only if you do it.

Every Sunday, do your homework. Review the journal from the past six days, what happened, how much did you get done, how much changed? Plan for the week ahead? What was great, how can you change what was bad, what made you feel different? What do you need to do more of, less of – what needs to change. 

This whole goal setting thing is also bollocks. Everyone is told, think big, make a long term plan. Problem with that is our minds are wired very differently, and it want’s a fix now. Somewhere in the middle is a nice balance. 90 days  would be an example.

I firmly believe that we are all river people, drifting from one island to another, yeah the eye is on the sea but for the minute let’s have a look around here.


Motivation to Move.

Russell Brand – also read Recovery.

Websites  meditation idea.

Follow on Facebook, he also has a free course on Udemy (search). He talks about the script. If you take it on board and listen, use it, you will get answers. The script is all the shit in our heads, all the ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’

Mark WIlliams on Mindfulness. Watch and listen to some of his presentations to learn why it works

TED Talks

Learning Meditation

Anything by Andy Puddicombe.

Also the App is free. 


Diet – Flax Oil as part of an anti inflammatory diet.  local, fresh oil and seeds. Note seeds are cheaper in Tesco but you’ll need a grinder.  Loads of info on the site.

Indigo Umbrella – Judy Sharp Group.

Indigo Umbrella – The Synergy of Science, Spirituality and Sustainability

Read, watch, follow on facebook. 

Good luck.

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