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Financial Independence – Making your money work hard.


March 2018 Money Trainers – what is it you have to do in order to become wealthy?


Try sitting down in front of a financial advisor let them make a plan for you and sit back and wait for the riches to arrive.  If that was how it worked, we’d all will be doing it.


Of course that’s not the case, that is now how it works.  There is no way that a simple meeting or many meetings with any financial advisor can either make you wealthy.  


Sure they may add some value over the longer term but the reality is you need to be better at money than the adviser. Look, who cares  more about your money them or you.


There is a whole science that goes on around money and it’s a science that most financial advisors just don’t understand.  See if you know how to make money based on your own knowledge, your own skills – your own ability it’s possible for you to effectively own a  money making machine that you switch on and off whenever you want. Or as the wealthy do, keep it running.


Of course it’s not that easy, if it was we’d all be doing it but with a few skills and the use of modern tools it’s possible for you to get your money working for you today and tomorrow and the day after. That’s what rich people do, in order to become wealthy or as I like to say financially independent they get their money working for them and then it starts to become a fully working,  money machine.


People become wealthy because no matter what they do with their lives – their  money is working for them in the background. What happens with most people is they trade their time for money – you give your time up to a business or do to a job in order to get money. You then take some surplus cash – savings and then put it in a bank or a building society.


Your money then works hard for the bank and does little for you.


If you want to know how hard it’s working for them, take a look at these recent rates.

Deposit interest rates of .15%

Loan rate – lending your money to their customers.

In this short article, you now now know that Santander are making more than 22 x times more lending your money, than they are paying you.  Let me know how that feels.

Of course, you can do something about it.  Get in touch today and I’ll send you a couple of my recent reports. No obligation, your information is not shared.

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