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It’s All In The Mind

Today I consider the whole idea of manifesting everything you’ve wanted.

What is it you really want in your life? A new car, more money, exciting vacations? We all have desires for material things or experiences. But often, we spend more time thinking about not having these things than actually manifesting them into reality.

This is where the power of intention and gratitude come into play. Everything we see in our physical world first originated as a thought in someone’s mind. Before a building, table or phone existed, it was imagined and designed on the mental plane first. This is how creation works – through focusing our thoughts and intentions on what we want to manifest.

The problem is we get stuck in focusing on and talking about what we don’t have versus what we want to call into our experience. When we complain about not having enough money, all we do is create more of that lack mentality. But when we express gratitude and feel appreciative for abundance as if we already have it, we send out the energetic frequency that will attract more of that into our lives.

This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s based on quantum physics principles. Focusing on and giving thanks for desires as if we already have them pulls those scenarios into our reality faster through the Law of Attraction.

So how can we apply this mindset shift in a practical way? Take a desire like a new car, for example. Instead of complaining about your old car breaking down and how you can’t afford payments on a new one, visualize yourself gratefully driving your new car. Feel the steering wheel beneath your hands, the smooth ride and excitement as if it’s already real. Say thank you for this car as if you’re already driving it. Do this consistently and with genuine feeling, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the universe delivers it.

This works for any intention from improved finances, to finding a romantic partner, to landing your dream job.

The key is being specific about the details of your desire, focusing on it as already manifested, and expressing heartfelt gratitude for it daily. Release the outcome and enjoy the process. With consistent practice, you’ll unlock the power within to manifest your heart’s desires.

Of course, initially it may seem a bit woo woo, a bit strange to think about things you don’t have but in your own mind think that you do. But this is the one key to working with our own minds. You see, thoughts are things. In order to have anything turn up in our lives we need to have the thought first, then our minds will go and find a way to make it a reality. To make it appear in our lives.

In the same way the maker of the smartphone you are reading this on, or the computer. It had to be a thought first and then a thing. This is the way our human minds work.

In order to get anything in our lives, we need to think about, be mindful of the fact that we need to work on assuming that thing is already with us, imagine it. Feel it and over the coming couple of months wait and see these things turn up – as if by magic.

This is the way things are.

Just for a moment, think about all the things in your life you don’t have. Money, fame, expert status, these are all the things you have wanted in your life since….

And you have made them appear, you have made them a thing. So all we need do is the opposite of what we have been doing.

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