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Is this just real life or is it just fantasy…

In this article,  a big apology for stealing Freddie’s lines from Bohemian Rhapsody and some comment which I originally provided for my private group of Ninja – Money Makers. It’s a short story about life and the shizzle we all live through.

Meanwhile – Itunes has signed off the Moneytrainers Podcast – no mean feat given that podcasts are now an ‘in’ medium.

Here it is.

Sorry Fred.

So here we are, another Friday night has arrived and you’re pleased the week is finally behind you. Tomorrow is Saturday – a day off . You are feeling really pleased about that. The job is driving you absolutely mad and the weekend is far too short. On Friday you’ll have a few beers too many.

And on Saturday, you’ll wake up slightly hungover, to the point of you having a lay in for a few hours. On Sunday you spend the whole day mithering and dreading what’s going to happen on Monday when you return back to the office, only to find that nothing has changed, and you have an entire week ahead of you.

Next week is going to be very much like the last week and the week before that and the week before that. Let me ask you how many weeks has it actually been like that? Perhaps there’s even a better question to ask and that’s how many weeks are you going to let it continue, how many weeks months or years are you prepared to wait for it to change?

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned is that actually it never changes, well not for the better. It just continues, and feels like it’s working against you. I always thought that working hard learning some new skills keeping my nose clean, doing the right thing will always serve me well. Well that’s what I was told by my parents and my grandparents, it seemed to work for them.

The truth. Just look around – just look at your life, just look at how you spend your money, the things you do. Just think about it for a few minutes, consider carefully exactly what is going on and try and observe in a mindful way how your life really is, what’s actually changing. What’s actually going on. If you are anything like many people out there including your friends and work colleagues you’ll find that nothing really changes week in week out and you end up doing the same things time after time. Visiting the same pubs, with the same people, to the same restaurants the same local park.

We are creatures of habit, we like doing the same things at roughly the same time. That is the human way. the problem is our brain makes us do that on autopilot, we rarely stop to think about all of our actions and end up just going through the motions mindlessly not really noticing.

Of course if that’s the life you want then that’s fine. Problem is, change is coming whether you like it or not and if this is not change that you want then it will of course be negative. It will have a negative impact on your life because it is not what you wanted. That is what happens when change comes.

And the important thing for you to note is this, you can either accept the changes that are put on you by everyone else – not having your own plan. Or you can take control of the changes and make them for yourself.

I have to remind you you are not a tree you can move and change and adapt. You really don’t have to accept what is put in front of you, you can say no, you can reject it you can make your own plan. Lots of you can in there which of course does not mean you will it just means you have the option.

It was the great Richard Wilkins that reminded me one of the most important things to remember about life is this. Given the background we now have with levels of depression far higher than ever and anxiety causing more and more stresses on the human mind and body we need to be aware of number of different things.

This idea from Richard Wilkins is something that just makes sense.
He explained…

Life really is like a beach, the tide comes in the tide goes out and that is life. Sometimes we’re on a high, and the tide is in life is good, things are plentiful and at other time’s the tide is out and things have changed. These things don’t last forever, because the tide is out it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be content. Whether the tide is in or the tide is out this is life, you have to live it and accept it for what it is and make the changes and adapt accordingly.

The the tide coming in or out who is not targeting you personally it just is it’s the tide. Bad things in life don’t happen to you, they happen to all of us. That doesn’t mean you should feel unhappy or depressed about that you just need to accept it and acknowledge the fact that this is the way life is and be content and happy. And look for the positive stuff.

Because life on the beach, is still life on the beach. No matter if the tide is out or the tide is in, no matter whether the sun is shining or it’s raining. You can’t have every day of positive blessings and sunshine, everything is a cycle and if you try and upset that cycle it ends up as a mess which is why accepting the tide in or the tide out is such an important tool to have in your armoury.

Contentment, just being, living at this moment in time means you are incredibly lucky. Tide in or tide out just live it for what it is.

Let me ask if you’re in your 20s or 30s now and you’ve just read the above? If you even remotely feel anything like the first couple of paragraphs – you’ve got a fairly serious problem. If you don’t solve that you are going to face the next 40 or more years dealing with that same shit. There is also the grave danger that if you do nothing about it, you’ll end up hating yourself, which means drinking more than you should, numbing your senses in some other way either way you’ll not be living the life that you deserve.

Sure it’ll be inter-spaced by the purchase of a house you can’t afford, with the spare bedroom and garage that you’ll never use. The new relationship perhaps even marriage and children. You may even have a few expensive toys and a couple of weeks off in the summer along with a couple of city breaks if you’re lucky.

There’s a good chance you’re going to end up drinking too much and you’re going to be 40 something, and you going to be overweight, you’re going to be up to your neck in debt with credit cards and short term borrowing and you gonna have a pile of shit they call the pension.

I’ve had both of my in laws in nursing homes. When you visit, all you see is sad regret on their faces.

Fact is it comes all too quickly, but here is another side to the story, what happens traditionally is the financial services industry and your employer will convince you that you need to be paying as much money as you can into your pension, yet you know you’re going to be close to death before you can get anything from it. So let me ask you the question

Do you really want to trade the best bit of your life for the poxy Monday to Friday grind in return for a pension you can’t get until three quarters of your life is over?

If that’s what you want that’s fine I can’t help you all I can say is the best of British.

But you know what there are alternatives. There are options, it’s 2018 for fuck sake it’s not 1955. You don’t have to put up with the shit, you don’t have to put up with the grind you can actually start to make things work for you rather than you having to trade your life for a promise for something that may never deliver and if it does you’re likely to be half dead. You will certainly be very close to death.

I’m on a mission to make sure that my kids don’t live a life like this. I’m on a mission to make sure that everyone I meet knows that there is an alternative and then at least then you’ll have a choice. If you know that something else is out there and you still decide to carry on as you are that’s up to you. But don’t let ignorance of the alternatives, of the options hold you where you are.

The internet has not delivered fully for us yet, sure we have a few handy apps and we have one or two social media platforms – but the truth is the internet is something that is so fantastic. And had it been available in the past our parents would have led vastly different lives. Indeed the lives we lead now could be so fantastic if we decided to use the internet and the social platforms for our own goals. Instead of watching pictures of cats and puppies.

This whole thing- financial independence can’t be done using old school thinking and old school methods – these are history the world has changed dramatically you might not feel it yet, but I can assure you it really has.

As I keep saying, for some strange reason the investment professionals the financial services industry is not keen to talk about most of these subjects because they want things to stay the same. The reality is the world has changed and changed dramatically in recent years.

The key from your point of view is this. Do you want to sit back and be fucked over by the rest of the world, by the pensions industry, by your employer or do you want to take your life by the scruff of the neck, vigorously shake It learn some new stuff and end up financially independent and free of the man who has his foot on your neck. See the world is changing whether you like it or not, whether you want to be a part of it or not it is changing.

Back to this man who has his foot on your neck, you know the guy, the one that does your personal review once every 3 months, reminding you – you must try harder, you must be better, with you always saying – fuck you under your breath. The man has always been there, the man will always be there, and the key from your point of view is how long do you want to continue with his foot on your neck?

I’ll be honest with you I’m just working through the final answers to all of this, but I am trying to grow a team of money Ninjas that are looking to use everything they can to leverage a lifestyle to leverage their money to leverage what they know and to live very different lives. It is based on the thinking that here is no point in waiting until you are half dead before you start to enjoy it

Financial freedom, personal freedom is to be enjoyed now not later.

So come over and join me join me on this journey let me show you some tools that you can use, things you can do to make your life, your finances far better than they have ever been before.

More importantly let me show you how you can get these things working for you.

As I’ve said before, you do have a choice with these things, you can either sit back and hope that things will get better, hope that things will pan out, hope that you inherit some money win the lottery.

Good luck but the chances are it won’t happen and I know for sure that with the stuff I’m doing you’ll have a far better chance of success , if not you’re at least learn some stuff and know how to begin the process of leveraging what you have and what you know but for your benefit not for the benefit of others.

If that sounds a little selfish, on one hand it is meant to be, on the other having time freedom, having some leverage means you will at least have a good deal more time to solve some of the other problems this planet is facing, like the political and environmental issues we are going to have to deal with.

If you are not on the list, you can do get on it below.

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