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Financial Inequality. Solving the problem in just 30 days.

Bold promise. For the last thirty years, I have been a personal finance professional. I am qualified but not regulated. This means I can provide you with the guidance and financial education you need, but won’t sell you a product. I know exactly how the industry works – both for you and against. This programme was initially developed for my corporate workshops and paid for events (Dying to Know and others). It is here, at no charge just for you.

I am seriously pissed at the way my former industry treats its customers and how bad things really are on the financial education front.

Now I educate and campaign against financial inequality and scammers. I’ve made recommendations to select committees, altered pension legislation, authored books on the subject. So yeah, I think that makes me a good guy and someone you can trust.

Personal Financial Consultancy and Education You Can Trust.

Financial Education

You understand that when you left school you didn’t have the skills needed to manage your own finances. Not to manage pensions, not to deal with your taxes, or to arrange a mortgage. None of these things were given to us.

The education system failed you.

The question is, is this your fault or the fault of the system? I think it’s the system. I also believe I can help get you on the right track in just thirty days.

This training is designed to help you move from nothing to something, helping you move from the first £1 of profit that will start to solve small problems for you – and then showing you how you can repeat that until you don’t need me.

But, it is also about building a community of like minded people, all moving in one direction, helping each move forward. This is the way we learn, this is the way we build a solid financial future. No one is coming to save us and the system sure as hell isn’t working for us yet.

So we have to teach ourselves, help ourselves and be nice to those around us – because they need help too.

We now have search engines, but they only give us information not necessarily knowledge. Not always the things we can apply.

On the question of money, you and I are constantly asking how? How do we become independent, how do we manage our finances in the right way? How do we make our money work for us and how to get it if we have none?

The answer to that is to look around and see how many people around you are wealthy. And compare that with the number of people you know that are struggling. Chances are there are more struggling than not!

Some of those people would have been lucky. They may have inherited wealth or built it up over many years.

The questions that I started to ask in 2010 when I started to ask – what were the things that wealthy people did differently in order to achieve financial freedom?

Was it just knowledge or was there something else going on?

I worked out that the secret (if that is the right word) was made up of several bits.

  • Many were self-employed or had their own business.
  • Many worked harder than others.
  • Many more made investments and set their cash to work.
  • Many did things in a slightly different way, not massive differences but small things.

So I started to look at my own clients (thirty years in mainstream financial services) and considered carefully what these small things were. This is where I started.

Many of us starting at the bottom rung of the ladder, those that are not yet wealthy have stories to tell ourselves. Many of these stories are not true.

These are the reason ‘why not’ stories. Excuses. Our own minds tell us that it is difficult, that we are stupid, that we can’t. And I have busted those myths for you. Any of us can and do become financially free, or at least can learn how to do it. The rest just needs time.

The Need To Solve The Financial Inequality Problem.

You and I both need to know that we can change, we can move forward. We can solve the inequality question. We know full well that it isn’t going to come from the schools or from the national government there is just no political will in order to improve the situation for most of us.

With that in mind, I can tell you today that it is possible to become financially independent, it is possible to learn new financial skills.

It is possible for you to be better moving forward from here today you just need to do things differently.

Money Mindset and Mastery. Are the three things I talk about in this financial education package.

No BS no crypto. Just honest and practical advice and help to show you to change your financial position.

I know full well that this information will change your life. If I can educate you properly then you can teach others and we can all move forward. Eventually, we change the world.

Please use the link below to get access to this training which at the moment is at no cost. There is nothing else to buy and no salesman will call.

Your personal details are not shared.

You will get lifetime access to the training and as and when I add to it you will get those updates for free as well.

You will get

  • Access to dedicated money trainers content.
  • Access to tip sheets and updates.
  • Full training and guides.

Take the first step to change your financial position and make your future better than your past.

All of this is currently free of charge. All I ask is you share this page widely and let everyone you know, know.

Just ask them to register, shared passwords will be blocked and future access revoked. This is a data protection thing (so I am told).

The link is below.