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If you’re a JAM then read this.

Money seems to be a problem all over the world, and despite the fact that it’s a problem for many, a lot of people seem to do very well with it.

This is something that has driven me on for many years, just trying to find answers to the big question – – why do some people live on the edge of the money thing – Theresa May called them JAM(s) just about managing- and others end up growing a pile so big they could never spend in several lifetimes let alone one.

For me, I believe there is enough for everyone, enough money to go around. But at the moment the money that belongs to the JAMS is in the hands of someone else, solving this conunmdum is what Moneytrainers is all about.

We all work a similar number of hours in a week in order to obtain an amount of money that’s enough to survive on, this is then taxed and spent with whatever is left going towards keeping us alive.

Those lucky enough to have some money spare end up saving it for use at some stage in the future and if you understand a few basic rules can actually start to make this money work for you.

Once you can make it work for you ( leverage) the more leverage you can get the more freedom you’ll end up with. Financial Freedom – FI.

I call this leverage principles. Once you know what they are, and start to make them work for you — money won’t be a thing for you, it’ll be something that gets you the life you want, importantly the life you deserve.

I’ve dedicated my future to making sure everyone that want’s to know these principles, can.

For the moment do this this simple excercise. Take a pound out of your pocket, look at it.

Understand how it arrived with you, how you earned it.

Think about how much of your life you traded to get it, how much tax was paid before you got your hands on it, understand that £1 in your pocket means you would have actually traded some £1.30 of your life to get it. If you have travel costs you’ll actually be spending somewhere in the region of £1.50 – £1.60 to get that pound.

You have traded time in your life in order to earn £1.60 but actually because of the system you only get £1. That’s why leveraging your money is so important.

This rule applies if you are employed or self employed. If you don’t apply leverage and simple principles of money to your life, you’ll never have financial freedom.

Next time – what are the rules.

Richard Smith – Financial Guru to the Stars of Stage and City and Business Development God.