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How Do You Control Your Time?

You don’t.

You can only use time.

Once used, you never get to use it again. It is linear, it keeps moving.

You can do things simultaneously. Or do something else whilst waiting for something to cook, while waiting for a decision. You can read while travelling or listening to music.

But. That’s about it.

Also. You don’t have enough time to do everything you want. None of us have.

The thing you and I call life. Is a terminal illness. It ends for all of us. We don’t know when. This means you have to work with that knowledge…

You have to get a little focus on the things that matter. Spot time sponges very quickly. Get rid of those that waste you time. Avoid those who drain you.

Learn to be discerning, to let a good number of things go. Don’t get involved with circular arguments, circular people.

Focus. Listen to your inner voice, no not the negative one. That’s never right. Put good stuff in your head, keep upbeat and positive. Spend time mulling over, find your muse. The one or two things that change you, make you.

You are important.

When you are ready, when you need to get some help on this. When you’re finally ready to accelerate your actions, your life. Then you can Borrow my Brain where we work together on this stuff, get clear and focused. And then get a shimmy on with your money and your mind.

I look forward to seeing you on the day.