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Podcast -How Do You Breakout Of Poverty And Debt ? (updated)

How Do You Breakout Of Poverty And Debt ? 

in 2021 it is clear that what was working thirty or forty years ago no longer is.

Those with money, with assets are seeing their asset value spiking, the rich are getting richer and the poor becoming poorer, and that may be true but the connection between the two is not completely clear.

Crony Capitalism has changed our free markets into something that is no longer recognised as any where true capitalism. I guess in the same way as true socialism has never really been tried.

With 2021 Capitalism we have seen banks and businesses that can’t fail, and Governments feeding businesses with contracts that no business should get – with record levels of taxation (now around half of all lifetime income goes in taxes) and more and more services being provided In 1914 education ended at 12 and there was no state funded healthcare – and income tax was around 6%.

We are getting more from the system of Government but we are also paying for it. This is a choice. If we want the state to provide it has to be paid for.

Where the State can’t provide services it outsources these to companies. Many of these are guaranteed income and therefore end up as mediocre services that don’t really care.

Look at any of the utility companies and you’ll see a level of contempt for the customer that the true private sector could not afford. 

With only a handful of electricity and gas suppliers, with a similar number of water companies there is no real competition and profits are guaranteed – and levels of service to the consumer are minimum.

This is not true capitalism, just the worst bits.

The rich are getting richer because they invest companies with guaranteed income streams in fields that are not competitive. 

Meanwhile, everyone has a degree now, and employers are insisting you are at least £60k in debt before you start work and then pay below average pay – because if everyone has a degree then £60 of debt and working three years later is average.

As the population grows there is more demand for housing and jobs. As everyone is qualified at the same level there is no differentiation – and the education system is designed to work for the educators not for those being educated.  SATS are designed to make sure teachers deliver – not to test the standard of the children!

Looking forward there are only a few ways of solving the problems faced, to be a solutionist to be a bit more awkward about things. 

We are all having to be a little bit more ‘counter current thinking’ a bit more anarchist if we are going to take from the haves and get for us as havenots.

This means looking at things a bit differently.

Doing different things with our money.

Doing things differently with our skills.

Learning how to manage our money properly.

Learning how to pay less tax, or at least become more efficient with the amounts paid.

Learning how to apply leverage to our hard earned money – and that means swerving things like pensions.

Understanding how our minds work, learning the skills that are required in the market now.

Becoming a problem solver – the world has enough of these, and the bigger the problem, the higher the pay for solving it.

We are long overdue a new way of doing things, a new politics, new financial planning – new learning. A new way of doing everything.  Today is the youngest we will all be, and this is the greatest time to be alive. 

Our level of connection is at its very best and we are able to solve problems that have never been solved before. 

We know more about everything, how life is made and sustained, how to move information around the world, how to make and unmake.

Ready to get a shimmy on with this, then get in touch.