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How do you become prosperous?

Politicians and do-gooders always insist on finding solutions to poverty. 

But how do we lift people from poverty, how do we help people that are poor?

There is always a focus on finding solutions for those that don’t have and very often won’t ever have prosperity because they do things differently.

The behaviour that prosperous people use,  is of course the opposite to that of poor people. Which, for several reasons is easy for them to do. 

If you have resources, then it is easy to use less but if you have none. Then less is a quite a bit harder. 

Yet not at any stage do less prosperous people focus on what it is that makes people prosperous, they focus on poverty. 

They talk about poverty they put plans in place in order to deal with poverty,  everyone focuses on the problem and not on the solution.

One solution to poverty is to give the poor the skills that are needed in order to become prosperous.

They should be taught and encouraged to learn skills, learn the ability to trade their skills and then to manage their money like it is a valuable resource because it is a valuable resource.

The best thing we can all do for the poor is to stop ending up as one, and the second thing we can do is to impart some skills and money management ability in order to allow them to move from where they are to where they need to be.

If we focused on helping them solve the problem we wouldn’t need to be worried about removing poverty from the system because it would remove itself.

Importantly they, the prosperous or those with skills, need to impart them to the people that they have relationships with. In the same way that we teach our children to read and how to behave.

If you want to solve poverty then you need to focus on encouraging prosperity, we already know how it works, we already know how people become prosperous so let’s talk about that rather than attempting to solve the problem of poverty which will disappear if everyone becomes prosperous.

For some it will be a lifestyle choice and there is not much anyone can do about that. And they will remain poor. 

By bringing some Focus in on money skills i.e. showing people have to spend less and how to make their money work for them would be the start.

We all know that those who understand how money works end up doing more with it or making more of it and we all know that having tradable skills that you can effectively sell into a workplace means that you will earn more money and over your lifetime.

These are the things that create prosperity,  they can’t be legislated for you can’t force employers to pay for a lack of skills, so we should be focusing on making sure the system is working for the benefit of the individuals and that is how we create prosperity.

You can’t make prosperity, you can’t give it out, that doesn’t work.

It needs to be the individual that makes thr decision to become prosperous. 

Everything we do, and everything a government does should be focused on that.

The education system needs to work towards that and people need to be taught how to acquire skills. Some skills can be taught but the ability to self-learn means that individuals can adapt through their lifetimes and grow accordingly.

This is how we create prosperity.

Skills, education and self-learning or the future. This is the greatest time to be alive and this is the youngest any of us will be. 

We have access to all of the information we want in order to be able to make decisions and then to learn from them. We should all be grateful we are alive today.

Let’s go ahead and do more of that.

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Richard – MoneyTrainers

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