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How Do You Become Independent?

Independent? What does that actually mean?

Having enough cash to do what you want? Like a lottery win or a massive inheritance from a rich auntie your mother never spoke about?

Or is being independent, knowing how your money works. How to turn on income when you are ready, working when you want, with the people you want?

Is ‘independence’ of mind more important than financial independence?

Does your Government want you to be independent?

Does your local council want you to be independent?

Has the last eighteen months of lockdown caused you to rethink how you think. How you feel about the future?

All of these questions do have answers.

The first answer comes by knowing what you should be doing next. What skills you need to learn, what knowledge you need to acquire. To know what things you should be focusing on, what bits of your life – if you could just get them right would make all the difference.

What tiny points in your life need to be polished in order to repel the negatives, to thrive and be able to do the right thing no matter who won the last election – oh and politics solves nothing. Literally passes control to someone who doesn’t care about you. But, for the moment, think about that bit, that dull old summat in your life that if polished could become the thing, should be the thing.

The one you could choose to focus on, that you could tag a few skills on to, that would slowly, but certainly bring you new working patterns, new ways of managing your resources, to find new ones. To polish up that dull turd of your life into something shiny and bright.

My last sixty years have been part success, part failure. The good bits have worked really well. And you can avoid the bad bits, all of them just by listening and learning.

You can learn new skills that will move you from working towards death (retirement).

To become financially independent long before your friends.

Live a flexible life, filled with joy and happiness – without finding God, drink, sex or drugs.

You don’t have to wait.

Money, mindset and time are the three things I can help you with. In practical ways. If you think that life is passing you by and you want to change that. If you want to know how to do things differently, learn how to use some new tools that are actually very old – then Moneytrainers will provide a map, showing you what to focus on, what to do next.

No matter how bad it is for you now. There are some answers. You’ll be surprised at how simple they really are. It all starts with a ‘borrow my brain’ and you can book yours here. MoneyTrainers-GetUnstuck Fast.