No matter where we look in our lives right now there is something that doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t quite fit with the idea we had for a life at the beginning of the 2020’s. 

A hundred years ago we had inequality. The potential of future wars,  and low levels of taxation. We also didn’t really have a motor industry and healthcare wise, life expectancy was in the 50’s for most of us. In 1921 the school leaving age had been increased to 14 and there was a focus  on skills, woodwork for boys and crafting and needlework for girls. 

Shortly after the start of the decade interest rates rose dramatically because of economic policy. Our exports were expensive and there were shortages of coal. Very soon the decade was heading toward economic disaster, with the very wealthy becoming wealthier  and the decade ended with the mess of the Great Depression which started in 1929. 

 In the lead up to that we saw mass unemployment and the general strike of 1926. In the lead up to that  the Baldwin Government did it’s best to control the BBC in order to manage it’s message and even started it’s own newspaper – the British Gazette. 

Even the church called striking sinful.

Proving that attempts to manage the message are not new. 

Forward on to today.

Many of our public organisations are not working that well for us. 

Education – could do better.

Our NHS – could be better

Our Government – could be better.

The problems we face  are all solvable, as a species we have been doing so for many thousands of years. 

But, since 1915 we have faced the binary choice of  Labour or Conservative. And both have lead us to here.  Where things are not quite working as promised and most certainly not as most of us expected.

If your  money life, your personal attitude towards the future is not as clear as you’d like. If you want to be able to learn more, make more money and become financially independent at some point in your life if you are pissed off with the system  – that is clearly not delivering for many of us then I have some answers.

I’m a thirty year veteran of the UK’s financial services industry. In 2010 I realised that something was not quite right, not working as well as I thought it should – I also started to look outside of where I was and towards a  very different future. 

MoneyTrainers was born. Quite simply I believe that today, is the very best time to be alive. 

The very best time to start and grow a business, the very best time to take control of your time and your life. We have  this thing called the internet and that will continue to change everything. 

And if you can learn to apply the best bits of that, with some God given principles, well not actually from God but so old they may well have been directly from him.  If you can start to understand why the ‘money lenders’ in the bible were hated so much. And then…

Start to combine these aged old principles, then apply what you’ve learned to growing your life in direction you want then everything changes.

You can have control of your money, of your future. You can start to be part of the solution to bad politics and a state that wants to increase taxation, that wants to control large parts of your in return. You can start to learn how to make alternative arrangements. Live life on your terms.

The most exciting thing I’ve learned over the last ten years is that becoming independent, living life on your terms, freeing yourself from the binder in your own mind is not only possible. It is surprisingly easy to do. 

As I said, this is probably the greatest time to be alive. The best time to start creating the future you need. By sharing ideas, by collaborating with each over, using the power of the internet and the power of our  human mind we can can have it all. Can solve all problems that need solving. 

It’s not only about money, it’s about that and everything else.

Ready to get involved. Get in touch today or book a “Borrow My Brain” today.