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How Do I Become More Positive?

We all have to remember that the voice in our head, the one we hear a lot is not us.

If it was you, how would you hear it. In the same way you can’t taste your tongue – because it’s part of you. Water is also neutral tasting to us, we have evolved like that. 

If natural water tastes of anything our body gives an immediate response, a warning not to drink any more. A dead animal upstream, chemicals in the water, all allow us to swerve.

If our inner voice was more like water to us…

Then we would know when it was not helping us, when it was being stupid, when it was not making sense.

You and I both know when the voice is being serious, snarling dog, dangerous stairs, violent partner. We get a clear signal from it. The signal makes sense. We listen up.

Problem is, when it tells us what to do next, how to react, when it helps sway decisions, when it convinces us that something is the right thing to say, the right thing to do next. What we should do now, what ideas we should listen to. 

Our luggage of life, our experience that is stored inside our minds is how it makes sense of the world. Our minds can’t see, it’s stuck inside a dark skull, it relies on the information it has and the information it is given. It can’t know it all.

Therefore it’s decisions, the ones we make. Are always flawed because our minds can’t know it all. Good chance therefore, that any decision you make is going to be flawed. The quicker that decision – the firmer that inner voice – then even more so.

Simply because your actions are based on what your mind thinks, not what is fact, what is the actual truth (whatever that is). 

Becoming more positive, or at least to start being more positive is to consider carefully what your inner voice is telling you and then question it. Test it’s narrative, the story it’s telling you.

“You always do this or that”

“The left are right/wrong”

“The right are wrong/right”

“The Government are lying”

“Your mum is lying”

“Your teacher is lying”

All or none of these could be right. But this is the kind of thing that voice tells you, that others tell you because their voice tells them.

Should you accept this voice as is, should you act on it? 

Of course not.

So when that voice in your head pops up this morning and tells you what is, how to do, how to think. Ask it a question – then test it before you decide.

You’ll thank me for  it. 

Ready to get a shimmy on with some of  this.

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