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How Can You Make Your Life Easier?

in 2021 it is clear that what was working thirty or forty years ago no longer is. Poverty and debt are increasing, and the solutions appear further away than ever. We are doing more and more damage to our environment and the path we are on is not sustainable. I think the answers are all inside us. This series of articles will help you navigate through.

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We all want easy!

An easy way to do things, to be able to glide through the day. To make everything smooth.

To live in a hassle free way, without stress.

This is the promise offered by many, do this get that. Buy this, holiday here, live in this corner. Use this cream. Everything we want to do has a product or a quick solution – rub this on, get x or y. 


None of it really brings those kind of results. 

The reasons for this are complex. But I can offer you this snippet. I promise if you do it, things will become so much easier. 

There is an old story about God.

When God was looking for the secrets of all eternity, the secrets to everything. The plan was hatched to hide them in a really safe place. Somewhere us humans would not look, would not even consider looking – somewhere so safe…

The decision was taken. 

Inside the mind of humans was the final resting place for all secrets. 

The ability to come up with ideas for products and services, for the kind of relationships or partners we want, the places we’d like to live and visit, the things we’d like to see and do. 

Everything that matters was locked away in our minds. 

Most of us don’t look inside for anything, we rarely hear the ‘memos from head office’ nearly all of us live on some kind of autopilot, where our minds keep us safe from the world. And we miss most of it. 

Sometimes we hear a brain fart- an idea and it becomes something we can use. Something that solves a problem for us. Something that is profound and life changing.  Some of us even write that idea down so at least we can remember it – cos relying on that mind of ours is flawed as you know well.

You know yourself when you’ve had them, when you’ve acted on them.

How they have changed the direction of your life for whatever reason – sometimes for the better but in the same 50/50 chance possibly for the worse.  That is the power of ideas.

What if you could encourage these thoughts, what if they could help you make decisions, allow you to find out about ideas and then mull over the options. What if you could come up with ideas to transform your business, to change your life. 

Well here is the thing you must do.

Take the first half hour of every day. 

Sit down at a table with notepad and pencil.

Take a few deep breaths, a sip of your tea/coffee. 

Write down what’s on your mind. What trash has been running around your head overnight and whatever comes up. Write them down. If nothing comes up, wait until it does. Don’t force anything. Write down whatever you feel you should write. 

Spend at least thirty minutes, being calm and cool about everything.

Do this every day for ten days or so. 

Mull over your thoughts, read them back to yourself.

Ask questions of them. What did I mean by that, how should I solve the problem of y or x?

No censoring at all. Just write your thoughts as they come. Get all the head trash written down. 

The action of sitting with your thoughts will provide ideas and observations about where your in your life, ideas to change you, to change everything.  Quite simply, all you need to know about is already locked up in your head and you have no idea what that is until you have sat with it and have written them down. 

Could be work, personal, kids or products and services you want to launch. 

But keep your notes, refer to them. Work with them, learn what they mean. 

Remember, everything you see and do, everything you touch has first been thought of inside someone’s mind.  Business, is first an idea. The computer or phone you are reading this on. 

All were ideas first. 

Religion, love, all have to be created inside your head first. Both positive and negative things come from the same place. 

Key is what are  your ‘add on’s’ to this life of ours. What great things do you want to bring to the party of life. We really do have it all the moment – life is good for many of us. And this is the youngest any of us will be. Your ideas, the value you can add are needed now more than ever. 

The only way you’ll find them is to sit with yourself. To meditate on and think about what its you are, what you need to change. 

Give it a try, you’ll be pleased you did. 

When you are ready to accelerate all of this thinking stuff, get in touch for a borrow my brain – where we spend time together working on things like this. Sure, it’s part coaching and part alchemy. But I will change you. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon.