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How Busy Are You?

Here we are. Running from work to home, back out for the gym, swimming or gigs with the kids, back home, rush to get some food in, flop into bed exhausted.

The alarm seems to get earlier each morning.

The weekend arrives and two days is not enough.

How did we end up like this and how do we stop living a life like this.

Hoping and praying it will get better, will stop. Next year, the kids will be older. Work will have settled down.

Evidence is it won’t. There will be something else ready to take it’s place. Something pressing, something urgent. A crisis.

I know this. Our lives are like that now. No one ever replies with – not busy, I have time. It’s worn like a badge of honour – like some kind of merit award ‘ I must be good at what I do because I am busy’. Only it is not right. I am sure you don’t feel right about it. And I am sure sure your life, the one you are living now is what you wanted, what you expected.

There is just not enough time.

So, how do we deal with that?

Oliver Burkeman wrote a book ‘4000 Weeks’ in this he tries to explain that time management is not not a thing – it can’t be managed, only used. You can only cram so much in, and then when you do it starts to overwhelm you quite quickly. He said a lot more than that – it is well worth a read.

And that is where the problems begin, with bouts of anxiety or depression. Over eating, drinking. It will all be used/ use to in order to stop you living your life in the way you should.

Slowing down, refocusing. Taking time out. Is the only way forward.

Historically the great religions have encouraged a day of, a rest day. The weekend. We have managed to fill that with activity. There is no time for space, no time to consider your own answers to important questions – ‘where is your life going, what is it you should do next’.

There are answers to these questions. There are things you can do, there are alternatives.

It starts with…

  • Managing your money properly
  • Looking at your time and cutting out distractions
  • Focusing on you

Much of this just involves a reframe, a new focus, on tools to squeeze the time suckers into closer and closer unions and then use the new freedom for you. To push out the overwhelm. Not by becoming some weirdo, but by letting go. By doing the things that have always worked, the things that seem to have been forgotten.

With that in mind. This is what I do over hear at MoneyTrainers. I’ll consult with you, and teach you how to live your life easier, showing you how to get your money working for you.

And then to work on the other bits in your life, learning what makes the difference, how to swerve the overwhelm, how to get your life working for you.

You can start today – it begins with a Borrow My Brain

When you are ready, get in touch.