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From Hardship…

From Hardship to Happiness: How I moved myself from poverty to relative success without pissing anybody off.

I grew up in a low-income household in the UK, most of my family relied benefits. So I know what financial hardship looked like. Free School dinners, second hand clothes. Etc etc, but I was sure I could create a better life for myself.

When I was a mid thirties adult I began practicing meditation and some years later, journaling.

Taking time for self-reflection allowed me to deal with stress and clarify values and set goals.

Meditation improved my focus and emotional resilience. Journaling enabled me to work through challenging emotions and chart a course for personal growth.

To gain practical skills, I took advantage of free online education resources. I studied digital marketing, sales techniques, and business strategies. The knowledge I gained online helped me land good contracts and influence.

I also made nurturing relationships a priority. I joined local organisations to connect with others who had similar interests and aspirations.

The social bonds he formed provided invaluable support.

With self-knowledge, practical skills and strong relationships. I was able to gain financial independence and success (still not sure how that is defined). I advanced from low-wage jobs to my his own profitable company twice in a decade.

If you are stuck trying to make progress on finding purpose, gaining skills, or building connections, get in touch. If you are not having any level of financial success or just plain struggling.

We have the internet now, and this really is the greatest time to be alive – I know I’ve lived through some shit.

Providing answers and guidance is what I do best. There are always ways to move forward, even if you can’t see the path ahead yet.

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